• Depending of where you live either cold or rain. Mud, bugs, smell of smoke, maybe no shower, lots of beer and good food cooked over the open fire, fresh air, nature at its best and oodles and oodles of fun!
  • What should you expect to deal with? How about with just being yourself.
  • Ok, well my boyfriend of 6 months asked me to go camping on our first serious date. We went with all of his good friends and family(minus the parents). First of all, go in with a good attitude. No one likes a downer. Second, bring everything and anything that would make you comfortable. For example, I brought: toilet paper, nail files, bug spray, bug bite numbing agent, travel size bottles of everything, a bottle or Captain Morgan, a small pillow, sleeping bag, tent, hairbands, extra clothes(for rain) in a camping backpack. If you dont have one of those, just bring a bag that is not too heavy to carry, or is not too big. Keep all of your clothes in a huge ziploc, just in case it gets wet.(you can buy them at target, wal mart or whatever, they are enormous, they hold everything.) It makes you look VERY good when you dont seem to need anything and if you don't complain. Bring this stuff, along with a ready-to-get-dirty attitude. It helps portray you in the best possible light, in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable situation. BTW, do not forget your BC(if it applies). Also, find out as much information about the campgrounds, toilet situation and length of trip. It may change what you bring. Also, I would say bring a first-aid kit, just in case. This includes tampons. That is pretty much all I can say. My guy chose to date me based on my performance camping. I did pretty well i guess. Good Luck!!!
  •’s awesome!!! I've done a bit....cook on a portable gas stove...hang out by the fire...roast smores....sleep in the woods...make sure there is enough room though and enough tents...I've got a tent that...well...the last time I camped, my neighbor blurted out, "That thing is bigger than most New York City apartments!!!" Ha-ha-ha! Have a great time may be a little inconvenient at times, but it is a great fun!!!

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