• be honest about it and quit telling them smoking a joint will destroy there lives and make them stupid read the facts from both sides and trust them to make an informed decision
  • Have a former addict speak to them.
  • if they might be on drugs bring them to a methadone or rehab clinic. if not then get an addict to speak to them. overall just make yourself available to speak openly and build a strong sense of why its so wrong in them
  • The key is not to build up those things as the great 'forbidden fruits', that will only add to the allure and mystique. It's not about demonizing the drugs, but making them out to be no big deal, and in fact boring.
  • When my son turned 11 I first got him books about drinks and drugs and their effects of families.Also, I would tell him about all the people I knew who destroyed themselves with drink and drugs. When he started cross questioning me I showed him pictures of people suffering from cancer and the ill effects of drugs in all their gory detail on the net. It made a bigger impression than a thousand words.Plus, he has seen his grandmother suffer from the ill effects of chemo and things began to click. No ribbons will help. Get kids who have had family members suffer from cancer talk about their struggle show pictures of what cigarettes do to the lungs show photographs of terminally ill people. That will get the message across.
  • When adults lump all drugs together and pretend they're equally dangerous, your kids learn not to believe you. They'll sleep through your anti-drug seminars. First, you need to learn the facts about the effects of the drugs in your area. Not just that "it's dangerous!" but the details. Second, you need to earn their trust by telling them the truth. If you try to tell them (for example) that marijuana is as bad for you as crank (methamphetamine), or that peyote is as bad as cocaine, then you will lose credibility. The kids may be inexperienced, but they're not stupid.
  • 6-5-2017 First you need to find some people the kids can trust. That eliminates everybody in their school and most of the adults they know. The kids don't really care about your political campaign to oppose this or that drug, they need somebody who actually teaches something they need to know to live a normal life, such as how to find a job, buy a car, apply for a loan, talk to a cop (don't!), and matters of plain living.

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