• Run or jump. Shoot, I'm happy to be walking!!! That's disability related. One everyday thing that's often a challenge is also a pet peeve. No disability issues on this one .. just pure frustration. Ready? Getting the TOPS off some products! Even have some "grippers" & can get a few more off because of using that. But I've had to stare at contents and be unable to eat them because I can't get the jar open. :) (Have help on that front now - and once open - I often transfer contents into other containers I know I can open! LOL)
  • Put up with people, when they bug you, even though i do a okay job at that.
  • Stop caring. I care what people think and say about me. I even care about people and things I have no business caring about. I can't seem to NOT care.
  • do simple tasks in the right order. it took someone to actually tell me that the bnest way to mop a floor was to start at the wall and move toward the door so i wouldnt get stuck in a corner surrounded by wet floor. i have NO common sense whatsoever
  • drive in the right direction. I am so clueless when driving places its not even funny.
  • Look over my right shoulder. Since the collar bone seperated I no longer have that movement.
  • Stop thinking
  • Live their life.
  • Stop thinking. Stop worrying. Tell my left from right without having to stop and think. Play any musical instrument without forgetting all I've learned in minutes. Walk around without bumping into things. Remember people's names. Open jars. Reach the top kitchen cupboards.
  • Dance. and I don't even want to talk about it
  • I can't write in cursive. It's so frustrating. I've tried learning tons of times, but I can't seem to get the hang of it.

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