• Walking - I know it doesn't sound like anything special, but actually it's great. We walk about 5 or 6 miles, stop for coffee or a soft drink, and then walk home. It's a great time for talking!
  • to be honest i dont think she introduced anything new that i aint already into. its actually the other way round. not that she gets into my stuff. think she was actually embarassed last time haha.
  • sea kayaking, the boat flipped over and I screamed and everyone looked at us. I did not like that and suggested it be his male bonding, no girls allowed activity. you know like some guys golf and stuff.
  • im pretty adventurous, so ive already tried a lot of things out of curiosity. but ive always been leery of the ice and snow. ive always had balancing issues on slippery surfaces. anyhow, my s/o took me ice skating for the first time this past the end of the night i was dragging him all over the rink! i know he will be asking me to ski sometime in the near future, which i also havent done. hes a black diamond skier, and i have a feeling i may be a little like bambi on ice, but what they heck...ill try anything within reason at least once! at least i have a good teacher. :)
  • Fishing...augh!
  • My girlfriend likes to go to parties and get smashed. She often gets me to come with her, because she thinks that I'll enjoy it, and I do, sorta. I don't normally like to get drunk, but I do there to avoid socializing with her friends and her friends' friends.
  • Fishing and Nascar. Boring to me, but he loves them.
  • It's kinda the other way round, I kinda introduced her into something called having a life. [rolls eyes] I mean, she never even went on a train before she met me.

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