• mine does this...... it stays at the main menu for 2 or so minutes and then it continues on with the game.... i tried cleaning the lens that didnt make a difference try waiting a couple minutes for it.... i think its old age
  • It could be your TV. My PS2 started doing this after i got digital cable connected the TV. This happened because i had an outdated TV that couldn't support both systems that well. Once we got a new TV everything worked great
  • This is typically caused by a broken connection -- a cold solder joint, most often -- in other the TV or the PS2. As the system or TV warms up, the metal in the connections swell and the previously loose connection is now tight. It is very likely that the video connector on one side or the other is the source of the problem. In particular, if you can wiggle the connection and the picture pops into focus, then the problem is on that end. This is a very easy issue to fix -- just re-melt the solder -- but opening up a TV is often hard and always extremely dangerous. If you are using an RF style connection (1 wire for audio and video) and can switch to RCA connections (yellow/red/white wires), that may fix the problem.

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