• Well you have nothing to prove hun. the sole fact that you took him back after what he did... ... and actually forgave him, should be proof enough that you love him. He has to understand that you left him for his undoing. So babe don't try to force things or let him manipulate you into thinking that you are the one who did wrong... when clearly.... it was HIM. Hope this helps :)
  • You are being played for an idiot sucker! HE cheated on YOU and he has the audacity to accuse YOU of being insincere! Holly crap! Unless you are spineless and totally desperate it is time to leave that jerk behind.
    • dorat
      Crudely expressed - but absolutely correct. OC Joe is right. You are being played for a fool. This is a game. You sound like a nice gal - if perhaps too trusting. You deserve much, much better. Time to move on.
    • Jewels Vern
      OC Joe nailed it. I have nothing to add to that.
  • You can't and if he doesn't get it then he is not enjoying and appreciating you.

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