• mother theresa, then princess diana
  • I don't think that you can answer this question really because it is very subjective, and how do you measure greatness. Da Vinci made some wonderful invenstions and works of art, but he didn't save as many lives as John Snow. John Snow didn't engineer anything as grand as Brunel. The list goes on. But I would say these three people would be worthy of honourable mention.
  • Chuck Norris. You must of known someone would?
  • Difficult to define "great" but I would say that Leonardo Da Vinci seemed to have a genius in so many different disciplines that he could be held up as the "greatest" person.
  • Somebody that nobody knows about- bare with me... I have always liked those people who do something amazing, and never take any credit for it. You hear of people who rush strangers to hospital and don't ask for any credit, or people who give there life for somebody they never met before, anonymous donations of millions to charities. In England, a couple of years ago a gentleman was given many awards for saving the lives of over 300 Jewish children in WW2, but he had never told anyone. It only came out because his wife found the paper work he had used. Another less dramratic story, but quite a touching one, was one from Douglas Adams (Hitch Hicker's Guide to the Galaxy). He told of how he himself was hitch hiking, and was picked up by a lorry driver who gave him a lift, went out of his way, and brought dinner for both of them. When Douglas Adams tried to repay the driver all the driver said was "Pass it on", meaning just pass on the good deed to the next person you meet who needs help. There must be countless people throughout history who did the most amazing things and never asked for anything, even covered up what they had done. I say it is these people who are the greatest people of all time.
  • Not was..still is...My mother.
  • me!!! heheheeheheh
  • Alexander of course. Is there any argument? Next, my favorite:Diogenes.(Dodgy Knees.) Socrates, Dodgy and me. And a few jugs of wine. What a party!
  • As a stateman: Abraham Lincoln As a human: Mother Teresa As all time freedom fighter: Mahatama Gandhi Most liked and adored Princess: Lady Diana Nelson Mandela is another fav of mine, but do not know which category he would come to.
  • i like Albert Eintstien and Cincinnatus
  • if not my wonderful mum, Martin Luther King Jr. :D
  • me....or sean connery
  • Greatness is relative. There are too many people that have done too many wonderful things in the world to list them but because he has the title already I will say Constantine the Great
  • Elizabeth I. She successfully ruled England and wore a corset at the same time.
  • Jesus Christ. The reference work The Historians’ History of the World observed: "The historical result of [Jesus’] activities was more momentous, even from a strictly secular standpoint, than the deeds of any other character of history. A new era, recognized by the chief civilizations of the world, dates from his birth." Think about it. Even calendars today are based on the year that Jesus was thought to have been born. "Dates before that year are listed as B.C., or before Christ," explains The World Book Encyclopedia. "Dates after that year are listed as A.D., or anno Domini (in the year of our Lord)." Through his teachings and by the way he lived in harmony with them, Jesus has powerfully affected the lives of people for nearly two thousand years. As one writer aptly expressed it: "All the armies that ever marched, and all the navies that ever were built, and all the parliaments that ever sat, all the kings that ever reigned, put together have not affected the life of man upon this earth as powerfully."

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