• Can you rephrase the question? It's kind of confusing at the moment.
  • #1 the big bang
  • the boston tea party, wounded knee, kennedy assassination, civil rights movements, the trade centers getting exploded, the space craft that blew up on reentry, the sanfrancisco fire, the parting of the red sea, adam and eve's issue in the garden, the invention of gun powder.
  • 1. The murder of Robert Kennedy 2. The murder of John Kennedy 3. The murder of John Kennedy Junior 4. The death of the Democrat party 5. The tampered Bush elections that put the idiot son in the seat, followed by new crushing debt, doubling gas prices, and making the world hate us 6. The election of a majority of republicans 7. the election of Adolph Trump 8. The end of democracy and hope 9. The end of a living wage at all 10. That time my toaster pastry fell on the floor, icing side down. (It was a good pastry!!!!) *snif*
    • mushroom
      JFK Jr. died when he lost control of his Piper off Martha's Vineyard.
  • Well THE most tragic event was the disobedient act of the first human, Adam. By simply eating the fruit of the "tree of the knowledge of good and bad" (Gen 2:17) he allowed sin and death to enter the world (Rom 5:12). Can you imagine an earth that does not have even 1 sinner roaming about? Can you imagine the joy that we could experience in life, if death did not exist? This is what Adam and Eve experienced and they had an opportunity to provide that same lifestyle to their children and ALL generations thereafter, however, they chose to listen to the serpent instead of our Heavenly Father(Genesis chapter 3). This one act introduced 2 things to humankind: ALL other sinful acts and death.
  • 1) The death of the Kennedies. 2) That we didnt KILL the republicans that did it and end their party then and there. 3) That we established a 2 party system, instead of deciding to run the country NOT in a stupid way 4) everything else is details
  • 1) Adam and Eve sin (Gen *** Adam died because he disobeyed God
  • 1. The rape of Nanking. 2. John F. Kennedy's assassination. 3. 9/11 4. Man's inhumanity to man under German rule.
  • The big bang

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