• Hmmm...I don't know... could it be....SATAN!!!
  • HITLER;)!!
  • the joker!
  • Hmm...Rosie O'Donnel? *Shivers* =)
  • The omnipotent one
  • In my lifetime? Probably Hitler...but "dickie c" and his neocon robots along with "the decider" are guilty of evil..not on the scale of Hitler to be sure..but evil nevertheless. People are dead because of their decisions...innocent people..children..dead, gone, obliterated. I suppose scale makes a difference..I suppose being involved in the deaths of millions is worse than "only" hundreds of thousands..but which motive is more evil? Extermination of a group of people, or greed for oil, power and dominance while promulgating one's views? :(
  • Anyone who is without remorse.
  • It seems to me Hitler is amoungst the worst if not the worst himself. It blows me away that there are people with such little value for human life.
  • Hussein Obama
  • Hmmm... Hitler's motives were sick and twisted, but he thought he was doing it for the best of humankind (what a di*k), so I don't know if I can consider THE MAN himself evil, what he did was evil, no doubt, his actions were evil, no doubt, but in the end, he himself was doing what he thought was best. Now, people who know they're doing something which is awful and not for the best, but with the worst intentions, are evil. I can't think of any historical figures who did that except for perhaps Saddam Hussein. testing chemical nerve agents on kuwaiti people. A whole race discriminated against, and SH knowing exactly what he was doing, using them as human guinea pigs on his race-wide lab experiment. He didn't earn a hanging. He earned to be left in a dark room with me for the next few years.
  • The politician that came up with the idea of income tax.
  • maybe my maybe my nephew...its gotta be a I think there are lots of evil people in the history of the world. I don't think one was more evil than another. Evil people are just evil!! Does evil come in degrees?
  • Hard to say but whoever it is must have been into torture.
  • Prince Vlad III Dracula aka the real count dracula he use to torture and kill just for fun
  • There are to many. I found this on YouTube.
  • Pol Pot, of the Khmer Rouge. In just four years, 20% of the Cambodian population was put to death, many buried alive in mass graves. Pol Pot directed that "Bullets are not to be wasted," instead preferring a prisoner to dig their own grave before being clubbed once, and buried alive. He believed that only 1-2 million of the Cambodian population was needed to build the agrarian empire he envisioned, famously stating of the rest "To keep you is no benefit, to destroy you is no loss."
  • People people settle down now! Put on your thinking caps please. This is easy and I can't believe all you smart people left her out. The evilest person in the history of the world is hands down.... Cruella DeVille!!!

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