• I would not take her back if she is pregnant with this guys child.During your separation, the two of you should have been working out your differences, now she's got herself into this situation knowing he's not a good candidate to help support this child, and you are the runner up! lucky you!
  • Forget it. She probably wants you back because her friend dumped her. Find a woamn of quality.
  • run away as fast as you can.Just my opinion but it sounds like you are the jelous type,how are you going to be able to handle the "Jobless Loser" in your life while you are raising his run run.
  • tell her no
  • Let it lie where it is Decipherzu,your walking into a "no go area".
  • Okay, take her back if she is willing to have an abortion. If not, it's just that's she's been dumped and wants you to look after her. Harsh but true.
  • how could you want your wife back after she made a fool out of you man? What part of "she's pregnant by another man" dont you understand? Dont be a doormat. She'll do it again and again trust me. Smarten up dude.
  • if you take her back, you will have more of this 'guy' in your life for the next 18 years...ask yourself, do you really want that...also, if you do decide to take her back, what's to stop her from repeating the entire scenario again, with the same guy or someone else...if you let her walk on you once, she won't stop... i think you'd be better off finding someone else, a woman who will treat you with respect... good luck...
  • thats a hard 1!!! its easy to say find sum1 else bla bla but my opinion is, she is ur wife so u have obviously spent a long time together. this is not about what she wants, its about what u want. think about the consequences also because being pregant for another man is a big thing
  • Is she keeping the baby? The real question is whether you think you can bring up the baby (a daily reminder of her infidelity) without feeling the need to punish your wife or the child. If the father wants contact with the child, then you'll have to live with him being a part of all your lives. If you think you can live with it, and more importantly make peace with what's happened then by all means give the relationship another shot -- but it's a complex and difficult situation to take on, so tread with caution.
  • Okay, perhaps I can see where you're coming from. Basically, I am saying if she expects a big positive action from you (taking her back after she has completely abused your trust in her) she should do the the same to show you she is sincere. Now formulate what that could be. Alternatively, just tell her what your problems with accepting her back are and... if she can's come up with an answer to your doubts then she doesn't love you for yourself but only as a provider. Again, sorry if it sounds harsh but I have had a similar experience and if you continue to give a partner the benfit of your good will without asking anything inreturn they will just walk alll over you.
  • sometimes love isn't enough boss. You once put your wife before yourself, and she took advantage of that. you need to think of yourself, but when you do that, think with your head, not your heart. If you can accept whats happened, then consider counseling with you wife. If you can't, well as much as it will hurt, time will heal your wounds and you'll find someone that will truely loves you. Quote. the best thing about love is that no matter how much you give or take, theres always more.
  • Think of it this way- If you do take her back, you take the child, too. I don't know in what way, if at all, the bio dad will be involved, but if he's not, you will be the one who ends up paying the piper aka child support if you and she would divorce in the future. This happened with my mother and father. My father WAS my sister's father. (Was because he died this year) When he and my mother divorced, he payed child support. He had visitation, all the things he had with me. He never knew that she was told by my mother about her bio dad when she was around 30 years old. My sister looked for him for seven years before locating him. She was able to see him twice before he died of cancer. As you can tell, it was a drama. Just think about that seriously. Are you prepared for that? Without some professional assistance, you and she are most likely doomed at this point.
  • In the words of a prominant pro-male talk show host; why pay for another man's mistake? Perhaps your wife realized that you've done a fair enough job raising your own kids, and a better provider than the jobless loser. One thing that I have noticed is that a people who are hung up on their high school ex (years after the fact), are usually so because they haven't done anything exciting or accomplished much in their lives in the years since graduation. You may desperatly want her back, but in the end you will only regret it (however long it takes). Even if things work out between the two of you, remember this, once a cheater, always a cheater.
  • Well....after reading all the answers before mine and your comments to other answers I see that you have a long history and children with your wife. It is commendable that you seem to want to make your marriage work. But at what cost? If you continue to clean up her messes she will never learn to be an adult. You are not doing your children any favors.
  • Since you were both separated she had the right to see whoever she wanted, that she became pregnant is irrelevant. If your still in love with her, then be an adult about it and take her back. Good luck!
  • Think about it this way, would she want to come back to you if she wasn't knocked up? She's probably figured out just how screwed she is without you to support her.

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