• Yeah, not as much. I once went over to my friends house and he was all dressed up as a girl. I think that it may acutally work, because when you are a teen you are just trying to fit in. Yes, it still happens.
  • I am a mother of 3 girls, ages 10, 14, 16 and a boy of 13. My husband left us 3 years ago. My boy looked so much like his father and acted like him trying to boss us around, so my sister said to let his hair grow long because his father did not like long hair. So I let it grow out, from behind he looked like one of my girls. But, I told my sister he still pushes the girls around, telling me he is the man of the house. My sister said to bring him down to her lake home for summer and we will make him a good petticoated girl. We went over the plan and packed everybody up and off we went. My sister has 2 girls 13 and 14. It didn't take long before he was lifting their dresses up to see their panties. We first told him you do that one more time and you'll be sorry. A couple of days later he got into a fight with the girls tearing their dresses and pantyhose. I looked at my sister and said let's do it. I went out and grabbed him I told him that he is in for it. I grabbed his tee shirt and pulled him fast toward the home. When he tripped and lost his footing I ripped his tee shirt off him. I grabbed the back of pants and jerked them up hard, popping the button off that held his pants together. We marched toward the front porch while he tried to hold his pants up at a fast walk. I took him over my knee, fighting him holding his pants up. Then my sister pulled out a pair of scissors and grabbed the back of pants and began to cut at his pants. The girls gathered by the porch seeing my sister cutting his underwear and pants off. Now I began to spank his butt red, once I was done I marched him to a prepared pink bubble bath waiting for him. I began washing his hair while my sister left the room. She called the girls in and told them no more boys in this home. My sister then went in and got all his clothes and poured them onto the kitchen table and grabbed the box full of scissors asking the girls for their help. They quickly ran to the table where she told them to cut all his clothes to rags. The girls looked like Christmas had come to town. I pulled him from the tub and marched him out past the girls heading for my bedroom. We stopped at the table where he was told no more boys in this house. The girls giggled as they cut away at his clothing. My sister closed the door when I reached over and grabbed a pair of pink nylon panties with little red bows and white lace trim. He said no way, but my sister said pink panties or she reach to grab the hair clippers and turn them on saying she would shave his head. He started crying and I told him only little girls cry. I walked over and put his panties on him. I felt a rush seeing daddy boy in pretty panties. Then my sister and I began dressing our new baby girl. We slipped pink pantyhose on, then a white ruffle half slip on next. I then slipped on his training bra on and a pretty pink dress on with white ruffled lace. We then marched him to the make up table where I began to paint his nails pink and my sister was fixing his hair in pretty pink hair clips. We made him look into the mirror as we began to put makeup on. I told him we would dress you everyday for the summer, taking you every place dress as a girl. If you are bad, I will lift your dress and spank you in front of everybody. We then marched him out to see his sisters by the table. There were all his clothes cut to rags. I told him to clean this mess up, put it in the trash can little girl, no boys are allowed in this house. We spent the rest of the summer there where the girls all got along.
  • There are a lot of stories to this effect. Whether they are true or not is another matter. --The example below seems incredibly mean, not to mention a waste of money on the clothes that were cut up. I think that most guys would rather be nude than have to wear girl's clothes, especially the more effeminate kind. (I meant this to be a comment to that answer, but I don't see how to delete an answer.)
  • wish it was. probably is being done between consenting couples. i love reading stories about that.
  • Yes, this is still done today, there are several websites that not only promote it, but display photographs, the best is at "demale society". This group evens sells pictures and books on how to do it. you should look at the free samples, It will amaze you because these are new photos, not the ones from the historic boys in dresses website.

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