• to me, belief has a double meaning 1) to assent to the existence of something eg I believe that Jupiter exists 2)to trust the words of someone- I believe in God, the Father Almighty...(NIcene Creed) Trust and faith, to me, are also similar to the second definition of belief eg I believe that this chair will not collapse when I sit on it because I have trust in the manufacturer, that his materials and methods were sound. I have faith in the strength of this chair because of the knowledge I have of the methods used to make the chair. In Christian teaching, to which I adhere, there is a wonderful verse that reads: "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1 Faith has a basis of trust in Jesus, in His death and resurrection, and consequently, His power to fulfil His promises.
  • Faith is not knowing and not needing to know. Trust is more tangibly knowing that you never need to know, because you have a higher faith in it. Belief is more rational. Perhaps scholastic. Perhaps innate. But not a leap of faith that leads to the tangible trust of your core being.
  • Faith is knowing something is there without having tangible proof. Trust is believing in something wholeheartedly without doubt. Belief is wanting something to be or exist or happen.
  • faith: jumping in a lake and you have no idea what the depth is. (someone or something else is in control) trust: a three legged have to be in sync (trust is a two way street) belief: World Series...bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, bases loaded, your team is up by one. You're the pitcher. You better strike that batter out! (belief is rooted in yourself)
  • Faith - is the conviction in something that is impossible to be proved one way or the other. Trust - is relying 100% on one's own judgement. Belief - is hoping that what one thinks may be true.
  • Though all three words should go together, I have tried the following: Faith makes all things possible and love makes them easy. Trust is a greater compliment than being loved. Belief and determination keep your dreams alive. Best regards.
  • Belief is knowing its a chair. Trust is believing that you can sit on the chair. Faith is attempting to sit on the chair and trusting it will hold you.
  • “Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation.” D. Elton Trueblood Those aren't my words, but that's how I feel.
  • Faith-complete knowledge that the man I love will always be there for me Trust-total confidence I share in my relationship, often with unspoken words Belief-to hope the time when I must someday be separate from my true Love is a long ways off. Hope you don't mind me describing my long time love with my man.....
  • Faith is a belief in your self to do the right thing. Trust is earnt by being honest with people. Belief is what you belive in, yourself and religeon if you belive in God.
  • Faith is belief in something that cannot be proved or that doesn't need proving. Trust is belief a person, that they won't let you down, or whatever. Belief encompasses both of the above but is something that you know or feel you know both with or without proof.
  • faith is when you do not know but you hope in something or someone and hope for the best, you give them the benefit of the doubt but you do not know the outcome trust is when you have faith in someone or something because they have proven themselves to be trust worthy, trust is earned through the faith you gave them/it and they didnt dissapoint belief is when you have enough faith and trust in something to depend on it with any certainty
  • Faith is loyalty, and honesty with yourself and with others. Trust is confidence and caring for someone and have some hope in the future. Belief accpetance of truth and believes in something.
  • Belief is a beginning. Faith is a growing. Trust is a foundation.
  • Faith Defined: Knowledge, Belief and Trust Faith is the emotional support of belief. It is the allying of ones emotions with ones beliefs to make the belief stronger and more durable. Faith sustains a belief even when the evidence runs against it. Faith can provide the strength of belief with no evidential support, e.g. blind faith. Faith is actually what is usually meant when we see belief in a religious context. Belief in something or someone is not the same as faith in something or someone. Faith goes beyond the existence and supposes properties usually favorable to the person believing. There are times when one will hear, I have faith he will screw it up, but generally it is, I have faith that something good will occur. The important thing here is that faith has properties of the object of faith associated with it Trust is certitude, certitude of a relationship. It is the hardest to achieve, because it goes beyond faith in its depth. Belief and faith must come before trust can be achieved. Trust assumes that the object of belief will act in certain ways, always. Especially in our anxious times, it is extremely hard to trust Belief must be differentiated from faith very clearly. I have heard the two words used interchangeably which is wrong. Belief is a statement of existence. Beliefs can be logically destroyed. If ones belief structure has certain conclusions about the world, and those conclusions are not found, or their antitheses are found, then the belief may be held to be erroneous and removed. However, I think there is a difference between a disprovable belief and a conditional belief. A conditional belief is not belief, it is a hypothesis. In religion there is no room for hypothetical beliefs.
  • In my opinion,faith is an expression of religious beliefs only trust is used in connection with marriage and friendship, raising children and belief is not knowing ( anything).
  • BELIEF: A personal understanding of how someone, or something, works; what is right or wrong; etc. It can be based upon personal experience or verifiable fact: You believe dropping a sledgehammer on your toes will break them because you did something similar with a cinder block. It can be based upon hearsay: You believe the political candidate for X party is a good/bad choice based upon TV interviews of other voters. It can be based upon a personal conviction, such as religion, with no verifiable proof: An act of faith, such as belief that Jesus is Christ. TRUST: A level of personal confidence that someone or something will perform as expected. You trust your spouse to remain faithful. You trust a toddler to fall down many times as they learn to walk and run. FAITH: Belief in the absence of proof. In science, many people take scientific theories as a matter of faith, even though they have no direct proof themselves or do not seek to verify such proof independently. They believe without having to see proof. In relationships, to believe a partner will do or make a certain choice/decision without having to personally witness or direct it to happen. As in to have faith that your spouse will not forget your birthday. In religion, to believe in one's God even though there is not physical proof he/she exists.
  • Faith... I think that is believing in something that you cant see!!! Trust... Is knowing that someone is true in their word, and life!!! Belief... I would say that is when someone has the knowledge in their heart that you are capable of something!!!
  • Belief: conviction of the truth of some statement or the reality of some being or phenomenon especially when based on examination of evidence Trust: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something Faith: firm belief in something for which there is no proof
  • Faith >>> To hold positive mind when surrounded by negative energy. Trust >>> Knowing the positive will succeed the negative by time. Belief >>> The creation of positive faith in mind. (These are my definitions) ___________________________________ Dance without war It is my faith in the arts within a political messed up world that I trust the sun will shine on us all ... and truly believe we will dance together once more. For humanity. ___________________________________ Hows that? Thankyou
  • I have faith in human nature (most of the time). I believe in God (in a fashion) I trust my friends
  • Very good question. The hardest of the 3 to get is faith. Faith is like climbing a ladder. You may go 10 feet w/o getting scared. After awhile you can go 20. Then, later, you can climb 25 feet on a ladder dangling on a wire with the wind blowing and never even flinch. Not a very good example, but it helps me to understand the kind of faith God wants. To "trust" Him and "believe" that the ladder will hold, and not fall. Axe
  • To me, trust is a feeling that makes you feel secure in someone or something - that has been earned or proven. Faith is similiar to trust but more in terms of giving hope - maybe in something that has no prove. Belief is more difficult to explain in that it relates to life experiences, individual opinions and observations.

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