• because if we followed the whole entire bible then we would be a sinless person and to follow the whole thing would make some people realize that they are sinning themselves by judging others so if we followed the whole bible then we wouldnt have alot of the bible thumpers that we do now. some people are just really close minded and only see what they want to see which might just be a part of the bible that will make them look better.
  • Matt 5:29-30 The language that Jesus is using in the passage you are referring to is figurative. He obviously does not mean that you should pluck your eye out. The reason he says to pluck out the eye or cut off the hand is because it is causing you to sin. Because Jesus isn't being literal, what would be the need for him to list every part of the body that causes you to sin? He has obviously gotten the point across to his audience by the two instances he uses with the eye and the hand. Hope this helps! God bless!
  • I don't know why but I think if we followed the example of Jesus rather than cherry picking phrases in the bible to suit our intention, (whether we believe in him or not), the world would be a much better place. We need to stop being judgemental forgive each other any wrongs and offer help whenever and wherever we can. That's what Jesus did and actions speak louder than words every time.
  • because it is our nature to want to be right and people most often quote scripture out of context to support their point of view of belief.
  • Many people don't 'throw' out any parts of the bible but they also do a better job of paraphrasing and understanding scriptures. It isn't telling you to take out your eyeball to save your body. Read the context and let the verses tell you what it says. He was talking about things that can make you stumble or sin, like if yu kept looking at a married woman it might lead you to commit adultery. SO it is better if you figuratively take out your eye and not see her than to lose your whole body in death in Gehenna. He's saying there are ways to stop yourself from sinning. It's better to try those than to just give in and sin and die. No one is tossing any part out of this verse since it is figurative, it pictures something, it's allegorical.
  • Because it is better to throw away certain parts of the Bible than discard the whole Bible?

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