• I don't think as much about a State as I do about a city. As of yet, I haven't another place to draw me away, but I haven't visited all 50 states yet, either.
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      aww lovely little avatar, so sweet: have a nice day mushrooms: thanx for ansa
  • Montana - less people there
  • I CAN choose which state I live in and I choose southern California primarily for the weather.I have talked to a number of people living in other states and find the trade out is frequently beautiful country and terrible weather or beautiful weather and too much congestion. It's November 15 and I'm taking my kayak to the beach where it will be 75 degrees.
    • Anonymous
      yes, I would like to see sth California.
  • i liked upstate ny, sometimes ive felt like moving back there
  • I am from Japan, and I live in California. I like the weather and people there.
    • Anonymous
      umm, I wish to go to Japan one day!
  • Maine.its cold and there's less people.
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      Sorry 'cold'Nah! The UK is cold too, but warm most days now its summer
  • Wisconsin. It has fewer fascists and overt bigots.
    • Anonymous
      Anywhere without fascists and overt bigots.
  • Western Colorado. Close to good fishing and hunting. Easy access to beautiful photography. laid-back living. The only reason I don't live there is being alone and retired I cannot afford the cost to live there.
  • Quite a few as long as they have good southern cooking available

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