• "A driver has over run a stack based buffer. This over run could potentially allow a malicious user to gain control of this machine"... I have booted up in "Safe mode". I can log on to I.E. but as soon as I try to go to a site, this window pops up. What can I do. I would like to save data I have stored. Is rhere a cd I could get to boot up with and fix. In the "blue screen" as described above it also says something about BIOS settings... what are those? Thank you for any help you can give with this!!!!
  • Perhaps this thread might help? Sorry I don't know more. Hope you can fix your computer. The only other thing I could think of is wiping your hard drive clean and re-installing XP.
  • ouch. Driver stuff are notoriously hard to debug. Or could be a virus/trojan/rootkit. I would recommend download Bart PE (google it) and do an antivirus scan. It's not trivial, you might want to go to your local guru guy or local shop.
  • There are 3 possibilities. 1) You installed new or updated software that loaded an incompatible driver; or 2) Windows Update may have installed an update that has an incompatible driver. There is a way to find out possibly which driver may be causing the problem. It requires starting Windows XP in "Safe Mode" using step by step driver install. Using this method you can find out when in the start up process the error is occuring. then you can try loading all drivers except the one that causes the BSOD. 3)It also sounds like you may have a malicious Browser Help Object or ActiveX control installed. Do you remember installing any new software just before this problem occured? Did you install any Windows Updates recently?
  • in safe mode, look in add/remove see whats there that can be removed that you do not use or do not remember installing as it maybe spyware. go to start-run-type in msconfig look to see if there are any box's with check marks in them but have blank areas after them, uncheck as this is spyware. one of the few spyware programs that will run in safemode is AVG antispyware, run this. if your lucky enough it will allow you to open in normal mode and run virus and more spyware programs. also do a disc clean and defrag as the message are a combination of spyware, virus and computer overload as in needing to be cleaned up. you may still need to reformat, also how close are you getting to HD and what it can handle as when a HD gets within 10% it will do strange things as it needs at least 10% space to still defrag etc. also any XP system over 18 months old can begin to do strange things no ones fault, just a hangup with XP and it becomes time to reload

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