• Isn't that usually a temporary thing? Have you tried signing in again? Evidently there are a lot of different clouds in our web! I don't think its related to hurricane Florence, though. Here, this may help:
    • Rick Myres
      Unfortunately it is not a temporary thing. I looked for cloud online but too confusing for me.
    • Linda Joy
      How else are you going to get it but download it? Do you have someone to help you whose tech savvy? Its not like you can take your desktop to the library and ask them to help you. Maybe you can do it and you just think you can't. Print out the instructions and then just do one thing at a time. Its not as hard as it looks. Or you could use a different plalyer
    • Rick Myres
      I got it now. It was on my computer before but disappeared. I have the real windows 10 now. After the shop put in a new motherboard after the old went bad in it the man said he forgot to validate my computer and he felt bad and sold me a Windows 10 disk for $100 discounted down from $140. They are good people and when I have a computer problem they fix it right no shortcuts.

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