• I was not here because my computer was in the shop for a week. After a windows update again. Then I was told that Microsoft will not be supporting my computer that was a Windows 7 upgraded to Windows 10 after the first of the year.
    • Linda Joy
      Windows 7 is ten years old! What kind did you want? Is the old windows the only reason you didn't like your laptop? Do you plan to go with a tablet or desktop? New or used? Schools sometimes get rid of their older computers. You might want to check with your local board of education and ask. But you can get them at thrift stores, pawn shops and yard sales as well. But if it were me I'd go with an inexpensive new one. In any case its good to have you back!
    • Rick Myres
      My Windows 7 was only a year old when they pushed to upgrade.
    • Rick Myres
      I started out with a laptop had no problem using it on dial up it sure cut down on a certain person (a witch wanna be) calling. The only phone I had then was a wall phone.

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