• My dad was told, by a police officer, that if someone broke in, shoot to kill. If you wound them, they can sue you. If they are dead, and there is proof of forced entry, there is no arguement, self-defense shows. So yes, homeowners should have that right.
  • No, I don't think they should. The maximum penalty for breaking into somebody's home isn't the death penalty. I think a person should only be able to shoot another person if they or another person is in direct fear of losing their own life.
  • I would say it would be a very bad idea.Most likely the intruders are after your possessions,and not your life.They could be unarmed or not be carrying a gun and some state's laws do not allow one to kill if their home is entered illegally.
  • Absolutely not - and I'm somewhat surprised that this apparently counts as self-defense somewhere (or indeed anywhere). In my state (NSW, Aus), at least, death inflicted in protection of property is explicitly excluded from the self-defense provisions, and (for once) I agree with the Crimes Act: your property is not worth as much as the intruder's life, end of story. In relation to the police officer's advice in JK's answer - if you wound them, it was a reasonable (perhaps arguably necessary) response to imminent danger, well within the boundaries of self-defense, which was reasonably forseeable by the intruder (and thus possibly an assumed risk)... plus there's significant policy grounds for the denial of liability by the defending homeowner. I think, barring sadistic aim, there's little likelihood of a successful suit. Of course, I'm not sure where the statement was made, and your tort law may be a lot less forgiving - I'm sure such a case has succeeded in the past, and it's not impossible that it will again, but your odds are good, I'd say.
  • They do in Nevada if they feel threatened..
  • Absolutely. It's kill or be killed. If they are unarmed, (which you don't know), they could still kill you, (or seriously harm you or a family member), with any object. Or hold them "hostage", anything could happen..why take the chance when they are invading the privacy of your home and trying to steal your personal posessions?
  • Absolutely! But like Keysha above says, shoot to kill. Because for some stupid reason, if someone breaks in to your house and you only wound them they can sue you because they won't be able to make an income at thier profession, even though their profession is illegal. Personally, if broke in to someone's house and they only wounded me, I would be happy to get out of there with my life. Sueing wouldn't even be an option.
  • hell yeah you should i live in england and he law is totaly on the side of the criminal and are idiotic left wing govenment wont do anything about it
  • But of course! Who knows what that someone is up to? They're probably breaking into our house to rob us or kill us, or both. We always have the right to defend ourselves, especially in the place we lovingly call home.
  • Hell yea, and I will.
  • Absotivley posilutely! You thinking of robbing me? Why I oughtta...Ma, get my gun!
  • You have no idea what thier intentions are when they're breaking in and it is fair to assume that they are a real threat to the safety of you and your family. If the homeowner shoots to kill or to disable it is all the same to me. Noone breaks into a home by mistake and that action in itself shows a persons willingness to live outside of the rules. Someone like that can not be trusted with only taking your valuables and not your life. Two to the chest, one to the head.
  • They have that right in Arizona. But only if they feel that their life was in danger. Anytime someone breaks into my house I would feel as my life was in danger and do guarantee they will be meeting my 30 odd six.
  • I think they should. A person should be able to feel safe & secure when in their home, which means they should also have the right to protect & defend their home, and themselves while in it.
  • No, there could be many reasons for someone to come into your home that you haven't thought of, including mistaking a family member of friend for a break-in, maybe even as a joke. Plus people could simply claim it was a break-in when it wasn't.
  • No definatly not... no one should have the right to kill anyone - especially for property.
  • Absolutely positively NOT. Just because someone has kicked in your back door and is ransacking your property is no reason to assume they're up to no good. You won't really know that their intention was bad until you feel your blood running out, or hear your family's screams. Maybe the intruder comes from a broken home. Or maybe they just need a good meal or a few bucks for a quick fix. You should invite them in, make them a meal and maybe offer them a clean bed for the night. If they're lonely, you might convince your wife, daughter or son if that's their preference, to provide them with a little "companionship" to improve their self-esteem. Then, the next morning you could give them the keys to your car while you cut your own throat so they won't have to worry about your reporting them later.
  • I am in England also, and you are right, the law is totally on the side of the criminal. It is a disgrace. If someone breaks into your home they want your goods and/or to hurt you and your family. There really should be no argument here.
  • Yes... although I would prefer to shoot to disable, the guy might have a gun and he might kill or injure a member of my family. I would not want to take that risk. If he is breaking in, it only makes sense to assume that he is there to rob or injure me or my family.

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