• Haha! You want us to do your homework! Plagiarizing our answers is still plagiarism. However gleaning from our answers and composing your own essay is entirely acceptable do you know how to document the source of your internet information?
  • Check your laws
  • That is true is some cases but in many applications a minor can be help liable to a contract he or she signs.
    • Linda Joy
      I didn't know that!
  • dont know anything about it
  • No, but if anyone enters into a contract with a minor, knowing that the contract is worthless, whose fault is that?
  • Anybody who tries to enter into a contract with a person under 18 is just plain stupid, IMHO. The law is quite clear and plain on this issue. The minor does not have a legal right nor obligation to enter into a contract with anybody, unless they have a cosigner who is over 18 years old. Then, the contract can be enforced solely against the cosigner. I think that regardless of their maturity or legal capacity, the govt has declared for decades that a minor cannot be responsible for a contract entered into before 18 years old.

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