• Cancel the date and explain to your date why you could not go. Try not to be harsh and just let him know that you two can still keep in toudh....hopefully he will understand.
  • You need to end the relationship with the ex ASAP. If you don't, not only will you be unhappy but your ex will eventually become unhappy with either you or the best friend.
  • give it space they are freinds you are going to have to see your ex everytime you turn around .is that what you want or do you think you should move on?
  • you're not ready for another relationship if you can't get over the person who ended your last one. stop going out with your ex's best friend. it's not good for you. life's tough honey, hurting people is unavoidable nine times out of ten. good luck. make the right decision.
  • You are using this guy just to get back at your ex boyfriend and its obvious. This is no way to treat a person. Why date this person? why not someone thats not connected to your ez boyfriend? I hope this poor guy can see how he is being used.
  • SCUBA divers are trained to deal with emergencies by following these rules in this order; Stop. Breath. Think. Act. Following this receipe will serve you well in dealing with most of lifes perils.
  • Im assuming you are a teenager and with that being said, you have the right, nay, the privilege to do what makes YOU happy. What do you want? Your ex or his friend? Take advantage of this because this privilege goes away quickly and soon you will have to consider others.
  • Well if your in love with somone else, then you shouldnt be leading this other guy on. So go for the one that you love.
  • get away from both since the damage is already done.
  • That's sounds like a super idea. Show some love to your ex by going out with his best friend. Sounds like you're really thought that through.
  • You already have hurt him by going out with his BF. There is a rule among men that you never marry or date your BF's ex. It's likely they are no longer friends.
  • I don't think you really know what love is at this point.

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