• Hi, stillme, I don't. If a person doesn't like me & they have no good reason, I try & give them one, LOL
  • They either actually like you, or, they are just trying to figure out why they don't like you.
  • I guess it's the same reason some ABers continue to complain via comments rather opt out of an answer string.
  • I've never experienced that. I would say that the person who is saying that doesn't really mean it...because if you really don't like someone you don't want to be in that person's company or on his/her radar so you avoid being around that person. Maybe the person believes you don't like him/her and is just trying to "save face" so to speak. It doesn't make any sense to me! :)
  • Hmmm, either they actually DO like you, or they are trying to get your attention to drive home the point that they really DON'T like you, and they are going out of their way to make sure that you know that. There was this chick I went to school with that I disliked with a passion, I made sure she knew it upon each encounter we had....
  • Because they really love you.
  • They lied.
  • Some people, myself (unfortunatly) included, thrive on negative attention out of habit.
  • hatred is the highest from of flattery. **kisses**
  • Because they are screwed in the head like I seem to be today.
  • Because they do like you maybe and they lied for some reason, or hate not having your attention that they said they didn't want
  • I think they either do like you or they want you to admit they're right, even if they're wrong.
  • Maybe because they're immature and don't know what to do with themselves. They probably want you to notice them moreso than going after you themselves.
  • It's like foreign relations. When I lived overseas people from other countries would criticize the US. But guess where they wanted to go for vacation? If someone knew I was American they would first say something ugly about the US then invite me to their home so I could tell them all about it. It's a hate it that they love it type deal.
  • I Agree, there are people who love to hate... i personaly think its built on insecurity... they see a quality in you that they wish they could posses, but dont have even the gumpshin to begin to know how to pull it off... so they decide to hate or tell you they dont like you, but they are really admiring you from a far or up close if they are constantly trying to get their guess what, you are liked!!!
  • either they lied. or they're sort of trying to see if your feelings have changed or not.
  • I distance myself from them.
  • In my (obviously limited) experience: they're obsessed with you, and they don't know how to handle it, and they're too embarrassed to tell anyone how they really feel. I especially run into this with homosexuals (I'm straight, which - obviously - can cause the interested party difficulty). But you also run into this very same behavior among children (typically not really sexual, BTW), when a young boy likes a young girl but doesn't want to admit to his friends (because a boy liking a girl gets made fun of), and so he "acts out" against the girl because he so badly desires her attention but wants to hide the reason. *** I'm not saying that's the only sort of situation, but it's by far the most common in my experience.
  • Because they are in grade school?
  • I distance myself from them. Who needs them in my life?

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