• i just dont deal with them
    • Abha
      You can`t go always like that. Someday you`ll have to.
  • I generally tell them to get lost, and ignore them after that. Arguing or trying to explain anything to an idiot is useless. They will not even try to understand what you're saying, so why waste your breath on them ? They in turn will probably think of me as an asshole, but that's okay and I can live with that because I know the difference, and in the future they won't likely bother me again.
  • live and let live
  • Generally speaking, I don't. I'll tolerate them for long enough to make a sale, in most cases, but if there's no money on the line, it's a biting remark or two and I'm outta there.
  • You can tell them to get lost or ignore them. At some point, we all have to interact with people we don't like, especially on the internet.

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