• Knitting/Crochet Sewing or cross stitch Bird watching Astronomy (either purchase a small telescope, or see if there's a museum in your area with a night-viewing schedule) Civil War reenacting (can get pricey if you REALLY get into it, but it's fairly inexpensive to start out) Hiking
  • Biking, relatively cheap, and good for your health.
  • Reading. Cooking. Swimming-if you already have a membership to someplace with a pool. Some kind of collection like coins or whatever might be of interest to you. Just find something you are interested in and do it. I took belly dance classes last year. Even though I didn't have time to keep going after the initial six weeks, it was still fun and something I'm glad I did!
  • After my divorce (I'm 38) I decided I wanted to get involved with something just for me, that I've never been able to do. A couple of days ago, I did what I've always wanted - I signed up for Karate! Kickboxing classes come along with that, and I'm so hooked. I can go at my own pace, I don't feel pressured, and I can research it more online if I want. It's a small monthly fee and I'm gaining a new hobby, plus doing something good for my mind and body. I know martial arts are not for everyone, but maybe this will help you brainstorm something in your mind that fits you! In addition, I've recently acquired the RosettaStone software from my local library and I'm teaching myself Spanish. I was able to check it out for 2 weeks for free - you might see if there's something like that available at your local library?
  • * walking/hiking * mountain biking (you could buy a cheap second hand bike just to get you started) * running * making your own clothes / customising your old clothes * do you have a community newspaper that you could get involved with? * volunteer work - shopping for elderly neighbours / helping out a local charity
  • Great answers.May I also suggest volunteering, there's such a range of things you can do- you can learn new skills and might enjoy helping others? Many places have a local volunteer bureau.
  • if you are outdoorsy and a bit of a geek you can get into Geocaching. People post a series of hints and GPS coordinates on a website. You go out and try to find the treasure chest hidden at the end of the search. Every person is supposed to take something and leave something when they find the cache.
  • Take on playing guitar, keyboard, motorcycle riding.
  • My wife and I both greatly enjoy delving into used book shops and finding hidden treasures. I would advocate comic books! :) Volunteering is a great answer- definitely free, and you get much out of it. I hear that hiring yourself out as a freelance assassin can be quite gratifying... :)

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