• Nope don't say anything about it. She knows it cost you money and probably couldn't care less. She doesn't need to know that you got your money back. In fact, if by chance she feels a bit guilty might work in your favor and help you in future business dealings. But I wouldn't count on that.
  • My question is just what do you think "favored" means when she skips out on an event you have tickets for? How does she treat people she doesnt like?! She's obviously a professional woman so she is very aware you had tickets you paid for so there is no need to remind her, she isnt stupid. Frankly, unless you both agreed to go Dutch then other than a sincere apology or perhaps taking you out to dinner she owes you nothing. Reminding her you lost money on the evening is rude. Take it as a learning lesson and only make reservations for dinner in the future. They dont charge you if you cancel.
    • newyorknewyork
      Thanks for your response. FYI, the tickets were purchased six months ago, as the show features a television star you would recognize. I was able to arrange a discount on great seats that are on offer at "premium prices." My cost = 20% of what a member of the general public might pay if they could even get a ticket. It is nearly sold out through early 2019. That's pretty good, but it can't be done with "day of" tickets, obviously.
    • Mircat
      I hope you went by yourself because it sounds as if it would have been a nice evening for you.
    • newyorknewyork
      It was a musical & good for a couple, or the guys who really like musicals. Not really into seeing that on my own. Since two tickets together are more sellable than one , I returned them to the box office with the understanding I'd get a refund if they sold the tickets. I was told they didn't sell, but my credit card was refunded. Either I was told incorrectly or the refund was done in error. Moving forward, I'll presume the refund was valid, naturally.
    • Mircat
      Cool!. So it would definitely not be good to remind her about the money. Choose shows you like!
  • Drop her!
    • newyorknewyork
      I know that's an option & some folks here will agree with you. That is under consideration. Having said that, I'd like to know your answer to my question as I asked it. For argument's sake, pretend I've ruled out dropping her,
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      If you tell her, she'll probably want half!
  • I'd lean towards the "drop her" line of thinking, but since there's business involved, I'd keep quiet about it and also cool it on the evenings out. If business only depends on you being her arm candy, start looking for some new business, or else accept the "gigolo" role.

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