• Make a doily. If it turns out okay ... then make another and you'll have a set..
    • Linda Joy
      How about I send you a set of doilies for your truck? Lol at least you got the thread size right! I'm impressed!
    • Ice man
      Thank you but I don't need any in the truck, although .... I could use three to put under table lamps in my living room at home. : )
  • An afghan blanket. Our mom made 7 of them, one for each of us.. (i have no idea how fat #10 is)
    • Linda Joy
      Looks like this only white
    • Linda Joy
      Cherish it! That is a once in a lifetime kind of thing! I made my grandson a blanket (with yarn) but I don't think he ever got it here's a pic. Don't know if you can see it. It's from FB.
    • Roaring
      I do. I have it on my bed. 7 feet long.
  • Round and round
  • My mother used to do that a long time ago. She once crocheted a very large bedspread and gave it to me. It was beautiful. I recently gave it to one of my kids. When I was a child, before the big forest fire, I remember a crocheted table cloth that was lost when the house burned down. I don't know if she made that one or not though

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