• I am indian, so I am spiritual, Hon. I have no doubt in my mind that an eternally powerful spirit walked this earth two thousand years ago. There is alot of fanatics out there that feels they should force feed everybody their religion. They should show their faith ONE TIME, no more. Then allow others to approach if they wish, at their own speed. The route these fanatics go about it, although, drives people farther away from them and their religion. It is pathetic that they still remain clueless of why.
  • I am not a liberal Christian...but I don't know what makes some people think that they have the right to question anyone's belief system. You are right --your own beliefs are private..If I want advice I will ask for it. Please, nobody try to 'save' me.:)
  • We are all personally responsible for our OWN salvation. A BELIEVER IN WHAT? If you believe in God, then you have to believe in HIS WORD, and HIS WORD, and HIS WORD says Jesus Christ is HIS SON and OUR SAVIOR . and HIS SON says "no man comes to THE FATHER "except" THROUGH him.. In Christ's NAME we pray... When God knows someone is TRULY seeking HIM, HE will open their eyes, BUT they will NEVER find HIM if they do not read HIS BOOK, DAILY...... The HEART is the ONLY personnal thing we have and God knows each and every one.... We will be judged PERSONALLY one day on 2 books, HIS WORD(BIBLE) and THE BOOK OF LIFE.
  • No I do not like other peoples thoughts of religion to be shoved down my throat. I stand up to these people and tell them I respect what their views are but my beliefs are personal. I tell them to STOP and if they don't I then get rude. I will not allow them to continue doing it to me. Stand up for don't have to tolerate it.
  • Me as a christian feels the need to have respect anyones way of taking there religion or anyones religion in general, i just really dislike it when you tell someone you've found jesus and they still try to talkt= to you about or when someone in another religion tries to convert you, it makes extreamly angry and it i really dont like it, and when someone tries to preach there religion to me i feel i have to either turn my head or walk away, i know my religion and its what i acceot, no one can change that
  • When anyone of any religion knocks at my door, I am ready and willing to defend what I believe about Christ and the bible, I can give them chapter and verse where they are wrong, IF they are wrong. If you ARE really a believer in Christ you SHOULD rejoice when another Christian shares what they know about Christ and his word with you, otherwise I'd question if you truly love and believe in Christ.
  • my co-worker tried to preach to me, i ignore her.
  • May HE always be with you.
  • I'm not a *liberal* christian myself. I don't even like the term *liberal* to be honest since christian means *Christlike*... With that, the Bible is very clear that unless we repent of our sins and accept Jesus as our Lord and saviour we will perish. It's black and white. You should have a personal relationship with Jesus but not hide the fact that He is Lord of all. If you are ashamed of Him he will be ashamed of you. Jesus is the ONLY way to the father. I encourage you to read your bible and learn what God wants you to know. God bless revelation2217
  • So if Christ was alive you wouldn't want Him to preach to you? Since your beliefs are personal then maybe you are not a believer in Christ. Are your beliefs in line with the Truth? Just thowing some introspective questions out there...God Bless you.
  • The people who are answering this question are the same sort of religious zealots you're trying to avoid. It is okay to tell of your own love of god, but a forced love is a false love. If you pressure someone into loving jesus, thats even worse than them never believing at all. Everyone is entitled to their own faith, just because they dont want to go around yelling about it doesnt mean they dont accept jesus as their lord and savior.
  • Would you consider the apostle Paul to be a liberal christian? If you lived when he lived would you hate for him to come to your door? Was there such thing as a 'liberal' christian when Jesus was here? Jesus told his disciples at Matt.28:19,20 to "go and make disciples" he didn't tell them "wait for people to come to you, then make them a disciple". The way they did this was to go village to village, and house to house. Jesus did this because of the fact that it is the best way for all to hear, most everyone lives somewhere. This is an arrangement from God. "And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come."--Matt. 24:14
  • I am sorry that you believe your beliefs are personal. That is certainly not what Jesus believed or taught. If he had, then there would be no Christianity. His final command to his disciples was to "go into all the world and preach the gospel to every living creature". If you are, truly a believer in Christ, then you ought to really think about making your beliefs less personal and more shared.
  • 1 Corint 12:12 -The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up only one body. So it is with the body of Christ. We may give accountability for our will and obedience for the gifts we are blessed--but Together we are responsible. For spreading the good news!
  • It's in the Bible that everyone who is a believer is supposed to preach to spread the word!!! God is not a personal thing and shouldnt be! He even said that if you are ashamed of him then he will be ashamed of you! Why are your beliefs personal?!?
  • i agree with the annoyance of it all, however it is commanded to spread the word of Jesus. individuals can unfortunately go about it in a not so polite way but dont judge based on a few humans. i grew up in the church(born again pentacostal) and had many loving people with honest concern for me just sit and talk with no condescention at all
  • I met some very powerful prayerful people. They literally lived for Jesus, breathed Jesus, ate with Jesus and slept with Jesus. I thought I was very fortunate to meet them as they will teach me how to surrender my life to Jesus and will teach me how to pray. But sorry! After few days, I was suffocated with them. I wanted to run away from them. I choked every time they told me I am not with Jesus if I was not baptized. They were so self-righteous that their righteousness was pain in my neck. I ran away from them. Thank God I did not receive my Christianity from such fundamentalist else I would have rejected outrageously. I believe the best way to preach someone is practicing what we read, what we practice is what we preach. This was the most effective way of showing that we are Christians. Live like an example of Jesus! In fact we must and must use our time more wisely in doing work that only human hand and heart can do that is to love and lift people from their lowest ebb. They do not need our wisdom, smartness, brain,…. Just a plain heart with desire to work for them… as Mother Teresa did, she did small things with great heart…. From Max Lucado's book: Religious righteousness brings “Legalism”. Legalism does not need God. Legalism is the search for innocence – not forgiveness. It is systematic process of defending self, explaining self, exalting self, and justifying self. Legalist is obsessed with self – not God. Legalism: Turns my opinion to your burden. There is only room for one opinion in this boat. And guess who is wrong! Turns my opinion into your boundary. Your opposing opinion makes me question not only your right to have fellowship with me, but also your salvation! Just follow your heart, the one belongs to God and it is His business to show Himself as your savior!
  • It does not annoy me at all. At least not anymore. Your annoyance may be some form of bondage. You clearly have issues. I was just like you once. Beliefs are personnal but they should be based on the Scripture not on your self-made image of who God and Jesus is. If you know Jesus as He wants to be known, He clearly requires that we share the gospel. Other people's preachiness may stem from an overflowing need to share Jesus or an urgent need to see you saved. I believe the actions no matter how misguided shows more about who you are in your reaction than who they are. Resent is not a word I would see a Christian use on other Christians. Christians should resent the evil one and his works.
  • must not be a "real" christian if you feel "convicted" when others preach... if you feel preached at...youre probably guilty of somethin~
  • Not anymore. I view fundy christians as an instrument of chaos. I used to let them bother me because you can't have an rational discussion with an irrational person. (You also can't argue with an idiot, they just take you down to their level and beat you with experience.) However, they live in a very small box of reality and this limits their perspective on life the universe and everything. As I've gotten older, I mostly pity them.
  • The very long line forms to the left! ;-)
  • I am a Christian and I kind of know what you mean. I go to an evangelical church. I attend sparodically and I am not actually a member. Although I feel that I have a close personal relationship with Christ I will still find my pastor hinting that he doesn't think I am actually saved. I understand, that in his opinion a real Christian would be at church every time the doors open and volanteer constantly but I can barely handle my responsibilites as it is. I do find it offensive when I have stated my belief in Christ publicly and still they feel that they know better than I do what my standing with God is. I honestly don't think that God wants my attendance at church to be a drudgery. I think God wants me to do it joyfully and that knowing him should be a joyful, even an exhilarating experience. It makes me thankful and at peace knowing Christ so I just try to consider that those who feel that they need to put their conceptions of what a Christian should be like are probably spiritually immature or perhaps it is that I have not matured enough in my walk with Christ to perceive things in the way that they do. However at this point in time I feel that they may be judging me which I feel is not what Christ would really want. Anyway Jesus said there would come a time when people would not worship God in the temple or on the mountain but in spirit and in truth. As long as that is what you are doing then I think you are on the right track. I do think that we should gather together with other Christians because it strengthens our faith and gives us opportunites to help others but organized religions; although useful sometimes in accomplishing missionary work and disaster releif; can sometimes be very similar to the Pharisees of the first century. Please excuse my run on sentences. Hope they are clear enough in their message.
  • We are either in line with what the Bible says how we should live, or we are not in line with what the Bible says how we should live. Getting there and maintaining it is a real challenge but also a joy as well because one is in line with the Creator! We all fall short but this is not an excuse to keep on sinning. Correction should be conveyed in LOVE, or as I like to put it, "put some butta on it". This is how our Savior corrects us, like a loving father would do.
  • I'm a conservative Christian and it annoys me. Among evangelicals, the 3rd question they'll ask another Christian (after what's your name and where are you from) is, "So how did you come to know Jesus?" I think it's a form of pornography with them.
  • Extremely religious? It's the truth! Jesus as Savior or Hell, that's it. Don't like it? Get saved! Black or white, no apology if it offends you, it's just the way it is. This isn't Obama change, this is change for the One who created you! Good change.
  • I agree, you have been presented with the Gospel and believe and if you are a true Christian, liberal or no, you have accepted Jesus as your savior and are obviously comfortable in your current beliefs and behaviors; that they are inline with God's Word. You gotta remember, some Christians, think they are responsible for you getting saved and will be held responsible if you aren't (in their thinking). Romans 10:9 says: That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." However, the Bible also says in Matthew 7:21 that "not all who say to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but those that do the will of my Father in Heaven." If you are comfortable that you are doing the will of God, in accordance with His word, then you are right, they shouldn't be bugging you.
  • I don't like that at all or to be told how I should vote.

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