• Since I know that life isn't perfect, I make the best out of it. That results in the amazing experiences.
  • Life is amazing because it isn't perfect.
  • Nothing's perfect. But things can still be amazing!
  • well if it was perfect you wouldnt have the bad expierences to compare the good ones to and you wouldnt be able to appriciate the great things in life
  • That is such a great question,all those questions in my life of "why is this happening to me" finally got answered later on in life,boy it has been good bad and sometimes a direct hit but I wouldnt change a thing!!
  • Yes. Life is never perfect. But it can be great!
  • Yes. definitely.
  • If life was perfect, it would not be amazing. It would be predictable. Nothing about predictable is amazing.
  • Life can never be perfect. And I always think life is amazing. I try to approach each new morning as a new amazing wonderful day. And I keep that going for as long as I can. I don't need perfection:-)
  • Yes I do believe that. I don't know of anyone with a perfect life. Life is still amazing.
  • Nothing is perfect but it can still be fantastic.
  • No, life is always amazing. Sunshine on your face is warm even if your wallet is empty. Chocolate chip cookies smell just as good even if your girfriend dumps you. A sunset over the ocean is just as beautiful even if you have the flu. The imperfections of life make the good parts even better. Remember "A roller coaster wouldn't be fun without all the ups and downs" ;^)
  • Remember "Joe Dirt", guys, and that old man..."Life is what you make it!" And it's true...but having chiuahuas in my life help add some happiness. :)
  • I believe life can only be amazing if it's NOT perfect, because constant perfection would turn everything into a simple, monotonous routine. "You need Winter to appreciate Summer"
  • Definitely. I think imperfections are what makes it amazing.
  • CG, you sound like you have had a "breakthrough". This is a wonderful way to feel and I hope it's pesronal and that it lasts. Hugs.....
  • Life is by no means perfect, but it can often be amazing ^_^
  • OMG I would hope not! My life is anything.....but perfect! I am amazed how most of the time life is very good! Not perfect, but good! :)
  • Yes I do ! My life is far from perfect , but I've had a pretty amazing life and I continue to be amazed every day I wake up on this side of the dirt.
  • Life does not have to be perfect to be truly amazing. Life is what each individual makes of it. If you choose to make it amazing then it will be. If you choose to let it not be amazing then it won't be. I have yet to meet a single person who has the perfect life. We look at famous people or wealthy people and think they have a perfect life. What we doin't see is many of them have alot of the same problems that us ordinary everyday people have. Rich and famous people die everyday from deadly diseases too. Rich and famous people have relationship problems too. Richa and famous people have kids who don't listen to a thing their parents say too. Just because they are famous or rich doesn't shield them from the problems ordinary people face. It is true what they say about money not buying happiness. All one has to do is read the gossip about people like Briteny Spears or Lindsay Lohan to realize that. These girls both have more money than they will probably ever know what to do with yet they are so miserable.
  • I do believe that. This reminds me of a quote. "There is beauty in all imperfections. Learn to love them." (If anyone can tell me who said that, I would really appreciate it).
  • of course. i love imperfections. it takes away the bore of being able to predict what happens next and keeps mystery alive, which in turn created wonder and questioning, which always leads to more beauty. did that make sense? lol
  • Imperfections are what make us perfect. Our imperfections craft us and mould us into perfection. Think of us as sculptures and that throughout our imperfections, flaws and mistakes we are getting sculpted into something beautiful and truly unique and special!
  • From what I hear, life would be no fun if it was perfect.
  • We are 'conditioned' - by TV, films, magazines, etc - to think that life HAS to be perfect for us to enjoy it. I think that it's extremely misleading. Most people, if asked, would admit that life is only ever 'amazing' occasionally. Everything needs balance, and to appreciate the highs, we must experience the lows as well. We rarely learn from the highs.. the lows are what give us character and wisdom.
  • if your life is amazing, then to you it is perfect. all in the eye of the beholder.
  • yes but it can make it harder when its not perfect

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