• Al Sharpton has gotten away with it all these years. But Willie Nelson didn't.
  • Aww Linda, you forget about the Federal Reserve Corporation. The Treasurer would just go to them and borrow all the funds they need increasing the federal debt to place all necessary in prison. It would be the same as the funds required to keep the military in the middle east. The $7million plus per hour spent there is not part of the federal budget it is over and above the budget. This is what has happens when the government violates the U.S, Constitution and turn the currency over to a private corporation creating fiat money.
    • Linda Joy
      You're right! But what are YOU DOing about it?
  • Yes I have, in fact to overthrow the elitist established order, where a small bunch of people have taken ownership of planet earth and think they can make us all work 24/7 for the best part of our lives before retiring and giving it all back when we go into a care home, is to just "stop" what we are doing. None of them are working, why should they live off us like leeches, and how many of us would rather work fewer hours and spend more time with each other instead of buying stuff we don't need to fill the void of a lost freedom and equality?
  • Most people don't personally "pay" most of their taxes. Their employers pay most of their taxes for them through withholding.
    • Linda Joy
      " 6.2 percent Social Security tax. 1.45 percent Medicare tax " is DEFINITELY NOT MOST of their taxes!!!
  • No money to catch us, but also no money to catch murderers, no money to fix the roads, etc. Actually, come to think about it, they seem to rarely fix the roads well enough to drive on them anyway, and the murderers they catch usually get out of jail in a few months, so... hmm...
  • I usually think of anarchy when I have to pay after filing. When I get a refund, I'm good. LOL 😄
  • i wouldnt want to live there either

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