• Marital privilege as you call it doesn't exist in this situation. If it is applied it is between the married couple. In other words secrets you tell your partner about someone else is not covered under this rule. This will not hold up in court. There are some secrets that are best not said.
  • When someone goes to tell me something , I say to them , unless this is something I can share with my partner if I feel it necessary then please don't tell me.
  • No, if I swear to not tell anyone, I won't tell anyone. However, if someone were about to share a secrete I would probably state before they told me "I may need to share this with my husband." and then they can choose to proceed to tell me or not. When husbands and wives say they don't keep secrets from each other, I believe that means secrets having to do with each other or their marriage, not some third party secret that doesn't affect the marriage.
  • Not necessarily. If he doesn't need to know and it doesn't concern him, it's none of his business. I'm not going to say I haven't slipped up sometimes..... I might have, but if I did, I don't remember. I also don't want to know about his friends problems if they don't want me to know. I try not to make promises anymore anyway.
  • I tell NO one.
  • Above "marital privilege" is "marital obligation". I give this example: My wife and I used to live in a fairly rural area, next to a campground. We had two small daughters at the time. One day, this fellow who was going to be staying "next door" asked me not to tell anyone that he was under suspicion of child molestation and rape.This was before there was a sex offender registry, and he hadn't gone to trial yet. If anyone thinks that I'm not going to tell my wife, who was alone with our two little kids all day, that this guy was staying next door and was suspected of such things, you're crazy. I told her as soon as I had some "alone time" with her.
  • i dont have a partner but i wouldnt tell them, a secret is a secret

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