• She was never there for me... gave me birth and threw me away.
  • rny parents were both hard workers, they were tailors
    • Linda Joy
      Do you sew?
    • pearllederman
      not really to be honest, rnaybe when i was a kid i did
  • When I got a cassette recorder for my birthday, i made many audio tapes. the best one was Mom singing Old childhood songs where one of them she forgot the words and started laughing. I played it back and she started laughing harder and harder which i also got on tape. That sincere hysterical laughter was a delightful moment captured on tape.
    • Linda Joy
      I got one for my birthday or Christmas one and I recorded my grandma and two aunts on a road trip. They got a kick out of hearing it back as well! I love to hear those I love laugh! Thank you for sharing that memory! I enjoyed it!

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