• Never ever , she is very friendly and only barks when someone comes around , to let me know
  • She has never bitten anyone. Yes, she barks like hell whenever she sees a stranger, but I think she's all bark and no bite.
  • Never. He loves everyone.
  • I have to hold her when a stranger comes to the door. If they tried to come in I really think she would bite them. If anyone made any threatening moves toward my daughter or me, I KNOW she would. But she has not actually bit or tried to bite anyone. She is very territorial and VERY protective..part chow, part coyote and part heaven only knows. We live in the country and have no close neighbors besides my mom.
  • Neither of my German Shepherds ever attempted to bite anyone. Both did take people that were trying to attack and hold them but that is what they were trained for. With Shepherds people are normally sensible and stay still when they are guarding a person. Not that i think my ladies would have done much harm anyway.
  • He barks like a maniac when there's a stranger, and once, my family & I were taking him for a walk and there was this massive bull terrier. The leash broke & he went for it. If it weren't for his collar, Wishbone would probably have been killed right there. P.S. Wishbone is a little Jack Russel Terrier.
  • Perhaps once...we were out for a hike and some guy popped out of the woods. It was mid-afternoon on a Tuesday and the guy came out dressed in a suit and tie (IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WOODS!!). The guy immediately approached me and I got the chills. Before he could finish his approach my dog stepped in between us and started his 'thing'. The guy halted and quickly disappeared back into the woods. I don't know what that guy was up to but he certainly creeped me out, my dog sensed it to and responded in kind. Although he didn't bite, I know for certain if the guy came to close he would have...and rightly so. A 120 pound dobie makes a pretty formidable body guard :)
  • Never. I've never had a dog that bit anyone. Most of them have been Newfoundlands, really huge dogs but they aren't bad dogs.
  • My dog has never bitten any one. Well, aggressively. She does mouth a lot when she's playing. She's a standard poodle so that's normal.
  • None that we know of, but if you own a daschound, they think they are an 800 pound grizzly.
  • always... i dunno hes almost a year old now and he bites all the time, everyone, me and my family as well as others... he doesnt listen once he gets out of the house theres no calling him back he made a b-line towards some old ladies once... something else caught his eye at the last minute thank god... I dont know how to explain it though.. he doesnt growl or bare his teeth, he just jumps up and/or snaps at you. when you pet him or try to shove him over on the bed or when hes chewing one of his toys he will chew it on your leg or arm and he always manages to bite you in the process, and im sure he knows what he is doing, i try to move the toy but he always puts it back on you, i try moving myself but he follows, he doesnt get mad when i take his toy from him though.. wierd.. hes a doberman... and im afraid its only a matter of time before he snaps at a kid and I dont know what to do anymore :( yelling at him only makes him mad and start "angry" biting, we got him a muzzle for when he is being a brat.. i know it doesnt fix the problem, but it gives us some relief from him when we need it, he also has a baby gated area at the end of the hallway for when hes getting unmanagable...which im afraid he spends far too much time in. we have a spray bottle filled half water and half vinegar we spray on his nose when he does something we don't like but the people he usually stays with refuse to use it for some reason:S and they are the ones getting fed up with him... i hate that they are making everything not consistant. we do buy him toys and bones and things to chew on so thats not the problem... it seems like he just enjoys biting people.. and never listening
  • Well, my dog tried to bite a little girl that i invited into my backyard because she wanted to play with him. He's almost a year old now, Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix. I don't know what to do. He's great with me, but over protective. Maybe because it's his backyard and he doesn't want company? But I was right there holding him and trying to introduce him and he got ahold of the girl's shirt sleeve. Last time for visits in the back yard for now.
  • Never,a dog that will bite or attack someone himself is animal that doesnt respect his owner,have no leadership,no rules,...and its not been trained into obedience with distraction,therefore is not a 110%reliable dog.Only ones to blame are the irresponsible owners in this case,but why the hell this people get dogs??? I will never allow any of my dogs off leash nowhere, until i know they have been trained and obey my commands at 110%.

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