• no, but theres certain people i live with that ive felt if they were to die i wouldnt be sad at all, dont like to feel that way but just being honest cause theyre so hard to live with
  • Yes. This is the case when celebrities and "personalities" die and I'm supposed to "feel" for them. It's actually funny as you'll be told the "good" that they did, but not the tax avoidance and sordid schemes they took part in.
  • Yeah. That happens. And Linda, this does not mean that you are a bad person......😐😐😐
    • Linda Joy
      I don't think I'm a bad person. I just know that sometimes I'm not a very good person.
  • Every musician or actor who dies from an overdose.
  • Nope, I have never heard of anyone who died and was then surprised by ANYTHING. Not much surprises dead people... :)
  • They never came back and said anything to me.
  • Yes one time I said good, the ******* is dead. a few others heard about it and laughed.

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