• I think they are "hot button" issues that get people's attention away from the important stuff that really matters.
  • I think they are important because most people decide those sort of things based on their moral or religious beliefs, so that can get some pretty fierce emotions going.
  • I think that abortion and gay marriage are tremendously important issues. I'd like it if some of the other issues, like immigration, went away and we could just get these two straightened out. In my opinion, you should be able to marry whomever you want just as you're able to love whomever you want in the United States. In addition, I believe that women should have the right to do with their bodies as they please, especially with something life-changing like a pregnancy.
  • our polititians never bother abt any of d above cases
  • They're important of course but I think you raise an excellent point. That's part of the reason why senior citizens in America have to decide whether they want to eat or fill their prescriptions.
  • i think they need to concentrate on important issues rather than the ones you have stated above....i dont think the above points are important at all.....mainly because (before you all start downrating me)...if you want an abortion you can go get one, if you dont then dont.And marriage really isnt life or death, I am married but it would not have been the end of the world if i was in a position(gay/les relationship)that i could not married....marriage is not going to change anything in the world for the better and to be honest if you love someone then you love them, although i am married i dont feel the need to produce a piece a paper to prove it to anyone
  • Frankly I'd rather hear about health care and the war and about fixes for the economy. Abortion and gay marriage while still important is just not something I think the government should be involved in.
  • The politicians can't figure out how to ensure we have enough electricity or water. Building generators, dams and pipelines requires brains. Committing to billion dollar infrastructure investment requires balls. They won't ensure that housing is affordable. As long as people are dumb enough to live here, work and pay their taxes, that's good enough. But any idiot can sign a piece of paper that panders to the whims of perverts or whoever. The trick is to trickle the 'rights' along so that you can 'buy' votes at more than just one election. So yes, it's just cheap vote grabbing by clueless politicians who don't have any answers to real problems.
  • I think they're issues that can't be "resolved" one way or the other, and are therefore guaranteed to drag on forever and create a continuous base of motivated supporters. They're issues for politicians to stump on and not necessarily do anything definitive about. If they did strike down Roe Vs. Wade, for example, a lot of conservative politicians will have nothing left to talk about, so they'll never do it. It's a weird guarantee that the politicians won't have to do anything that involves actual work or change, as long as we're busy with ongoing debates about issues that are really much less pressing than our crappy health care system in the US, or education, or our crumbling infrastructure.
  • Distractions.
  • 6-15-2017 When you can't find two people who agree on what is important, everything is a distraction.

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