• Some "mistakes" in this regard are forgivable and some aren't. What was the tweet?
    • Linda Joy
      There were at least two incidents that I recall one was a football player, the other a politician.
  • i dont think so
  • Yes. If it can happen for crimes, then why not other walks of life? What you're ignorant of is the criminality/sentiment involved that affects their current/future position. We all say and do stupid things in our younger lives, but most choose to be ignorant of the biteon theass that it delivers in later life. This is especially true of Americans who get booked for smoking pot or afray when kids. Then cry at immigration at UK/EU airports when they are refused entry for thosr reasons..
    • Linda Joy
      Its a shame you never learned to do better! You're the one that's ignorant. The kid used the N word trying to be gansta, which is hardly a crime and the other had long since past the statute of limitations. In addition to your ignorance your American jealousy is showing! lol
  • I don't believe the rest of their life should be ruined. Such as a person goes to prison for a felony and paid for it and nobody ever lets them forget it. Such is the human factor and not God's will. Or someone brought up in the environment when it seems natural to be biased and say biased things to others and most likely back at them, then long after one forgets that early, young life someone brings them down by bringing it all up to them and in the process turns all of public against that person. Twitter is just one more tool to dig through for information to use against others that could be innocent or funny statements at that time.
    • Linda Joy
  • It depends on what they said. That's the problem with social media, once it's out there it'll never go away. Stay away from the crap.
  • No. No one is perfect. The people who shout the loudest criticizing others are usually the biggest hypocrites.
  • I understand completely, it should not happen. Look at the criminal life of the Clintons yet they are still accepted by fringe groups as worthy individuals. Really scary when you think about it.
    • Archie Bunker
      No only accepted, by heartily defended. That's what's scary.
    • Linda Joy
      Good point.

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