• Some perhaps.
  • i hope so
  • No politician male or female cares about anyone but their own. That they belong to this party or that is immaterial. Whether it's sexual abuse of children, females, soldiers or immigrants. It is becomes a vote winner, then they will become interested in doing something about it. Not before and probably not after they have won enough votes to get in. Hence republicans having their terrible record of this.
    • lavender
      Great answer.
    • Linda Joy
      Democrats, too!
    • lavender
  • Ask Juanita Broaddrick.
  • Probably most people do
  • The problem is, Linda, is that when people come out and say they don't believe Ford's story, it's automatically "you don't care about victims of sexual assault." That's what sells papers.
  • Of course! Though its evident the Republicans don't give a damn!
    • Archie Bunker
      How so?
    • lavender
      So many Republicans, especially those who support Kavanaugh don't believe that what he did was wrong. Many also don't care about Trump's crotch-grabbing. Those are a few of the reasons that it appears some repubs. don't care - they don't believe that it is wrong.
    • Cinders717
      So true!!!
    • Chicagoan
      Trump bragged about it ON TAPE. And all his followers can't wait to kiss his ring - the self-admitted sexual assaulter of women is THEIR HERO.
  • They certainly do. Many, are professionals at it.
  • This question is a joke. TRUMP bragged about sexually assaulting women ON TAPE. He buys hookers by the baker's dozen. And all his followers can't wait to kiss his ring - the self-admitted sexual assaulter of women is THEIR HERO.
    • Angster Gangster
      Trump was a democrat & social friend of the Clintons for much of his life before he decided to switch partys & beat Hillaroid & nasty Pelosi at their own game just for the fun of it. So you are not really helping your case by using him as an example
    • Chicagoan
      What -- Obese Orange Don is a coward and lying POS like his followers? That fact doesn't hurt me one bit. No matter what game he is playing, he fooled all of his Trump-butt-lickers all over the US. And they're still eating out of his hand!
    • Linda Joy
      Like Bill Clinton?
    • Chicagoan
      having an affair isn't a crime. Buying whores is a CRIME. Sexually assaulting people is a CRIME. A child would know the difference. Are you a third-grade dropout?
    • Linda Joy
      Bill Clinton was up to his pearl necklace in child trafficking right along with Epstein! And if you think insulting the intelligence of a near genius will make you appear more intelligent you're mistaken. My IQ ranks in the top 10 percent in the world. You certainly are not going to make me feel inferior to you! EVER!! Even if I DID drop out in 3rd grade!
  • I think people of all parties care about the sexual abuse of women, not least because all parties contain women or else men who have wives, sisters, daughters, and so forth. It's only logical. This is really quite a childish question.
    • Chicagoan
      Clearly by the way she posts here, Linda was hurt by someone and has an axe to grind - so she is trying to suggest that tens of millions of people in one political party hate women almost as much as the Bible's fictional god hates women. She has a lot of growing up to do.
    • Linda Joy
      No politician in the business for over 5 years gives a crap about their subjects. And if you believe they do YOU are the ones with childish thoughts!! Yes, I was molested and forgave them years ago. One of the differences between me and you two is that I have learned how to forgive. I don't hold grudges. None of them... or you... are worth thinking about once I move to the next thing in my life. And Victorine your calling everyone dear when you chastise them or put them down is sickening! Its very democrat of you! Chicagoan, you're a lost cause. There's no talking to you because you can't even see past your own prejudice. And I do believe Democrats are the worst because they put on a false face and act like they care about people but ultimately work their asses off to keep them down!! From starting the KKK - both times, to instigating race riots and social tension that doesn't even exist in my neighborhood in real life. Their strategy is to buy votes with handouts yet keep people poor by keeping them dependent on the handouts instead of helping them improve their lives!
    • Linda Joy
      And if you want better questions in the list ask them. And childish is still better than your puny little 7 questions ALL about one single topic that apparently only 7 people found interesting enough to answer. If you can't do better then stop insulting everyone else's questions. You DO HAVE THE OPTION TO SKIP THEM if you don't like them.
    • Chicagoan
      If you think my questions were posted for the purposes of garnering several answers then you missed the point of all of them entirely - Miss High IQ! And, by the way, I'm not here trying to grab attention like you, while you desperately try to get your pathetic Icon on the weekly top-Answerbag list, like the little booger-eating 2nd Grader hoping her teacher gives her a gold star for everyone to see.
  • Ah, yes, far more than Republicans do.

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