• Some extreme animal rights groups do (such as the Animal Liberationists Front and the Vegetarian society Viva!). However, the main reasons moderate groups (including the non-vegetarian RSPCA) give include: -The seal is a more endangered animal than cows and poultry. These animals are raised specifically for meat use in a controlled environment and are not in short supply. The hunting environment is not contolled and there is a danger that with hunting, seals could become in danger of becoming extinct in the same way as the Mauritian dodo. - The methods of killing seals (e.g. clubbing to death, shooting) are uncontrolled and cruel, an animal can take a long time to die and endure intense suffering as a result, whereas slaughterhouse methods are designed to be efficient, quick and painless as possible (poultry is normally gassed unconcious before its throat is slit). -Poultry and cattle are bred specifically for the purpose of meat. They do not need to go through the fear of the chase and trapping before they meet their fate (although more extreme organisations suggest that the farming process is equally cruel and we tolerate it only because we rarely see the cruelty involved first hand- opinion varies) This can be considered akin to how many people are happy to wear leather (a by-product from the meat industry) but not most fur (usually from an endangered, inhumanely trapped and killed wild animal)
  • They do oppose both industries. Both abuse and kill animals for profit. One eats them and the other wears them. You may see more momentum behind the anti seal campaigns because more people are involved, simply because they don’t want to stop eating them but they wont wear them. All the top AR groups have campaigns against this cruelty, To name a few… HSUS, PETA, IDA Links for each state and nationally:
  • Because deep down they know nothing beats a good porterhouse.
  • Killing animals for food doesn't seem as bad as clubbing them over their baby heads for a fashion accessory
  • It continues to suprize me that people would expect individuals who believe animals have no soul to treat animals more humanely. Does anyone see the relationship? People abuse, use, denigrate, subjugate and kill other humans. Why would they treat their animals any different?
  • Yes they do!!! They have just gone through a major issue concerning live exports to the Middle East from Australia.
  • Follow the money
  • They do they just aren't as active in their opposition. Trying to bring down any industry as massive as those surrounding beef and poultry production would be a very uphill battle, so they try to strike blows for animal rights where they can. I would think that the main reason they are more active in their opposition against seal hunting is because the beef and poultry industries are seen by the majority of the populous as established and accepted social and economic conventions, it's difficult to make people think that something they've been doing for years is cruel or immoral, even when it is. Whereas seal hunting is lesser known, not as universally established in the minds of most people as something that "Just happens", and therefor more likely to raise the moral uproar from the general populous that any successful animal rights movement usually has to capitalise on.
  • Your making the assumption that all animal rights groups have the same charter. There are some groups that focus on the animal food industry, some focus on lab experiments, some focus on hunting, etc. Most of the larger groups have the ability to work toward educating the pubic and opposing several areas of animal cruely at the same time. The inverse of your question (I'm not trying to come off as snide, this is a serious comparision) would be something to the effect of "Why don't meat eaters eat dogs?". Some do, some don't. There are degrees of everything. Cheers!
  • They do oppose seal hunting.Some groups appose the treatment in the poultry industry with the overcrowding,the cutting of the beaks,and also in the cattle industry with the way they are slaughtered.
  • It is much easier for the average person to comprehend the opposition of seal hunting. Success would of course be greater.
  • Duh, We have chicken/cow slaughter houses (to breed and consume). WTF, has a seal one?!
  • Because seals are just so adorable looking.
  • Because they are not vegetarians. No one except I suppose Eskimos, eats seal. Happy Sunday! :)
  • They do watch this:

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