• They need to EARN your trust back... and that could take a long time.
  • I don't think one can completely. It will always be there in the back of your mind. You just have to give your husband the benefit of the doubt, or call it quits. As long as he proves to deserve being given the benefit of the doubt.
  • It takes a while, but I would say that he needs to be the one that should be working hard to earn your trust back. Rather then you being the one to learn it.
  • you can' my opinion he's ruined his chance for that
  • Confrontation may be one thing that can help? As well as a therapist? I know thats one thing that tends to scare people but I truly believe that finding a new way to view or talk to your partner only helps the situation. I can understand that after being married for however long, things can change and sometimes you dont mean for them to.. when things change, conversations and words that may have once been said or shared can sometimes go unsaid and avoided. I would say to talk to your husband, share your feelings.. be open with him. In return he needs to be open with you, he needs to share his feelings. Maybe talk to him about why he lied and why he was unfaithful.. see why he did the things he did.. then see what you can both to do improve the situation. Personally, if my husband was unfaithful, I would also lose trust in him and getting that back would take a lot of hard work. I would confront him, try to fix things.. and see where that gets us. If I couldnt trust my husband, I definitely wouldnt be with him. Of course, divorce is another step that should be considered after everything. I also realize that their are many other things that need to be considered when even mentioning divorce.. anyway, I believe the best thing to do is confront him, try to work things out.. if need be try a therapist.. and then see where that all gets you. Best wishes!
  • Really , you shouldn't HAVE to learn, You either do or don't, if they're a cheater, will always be a cheater
  • Trust was developed BEFORE she became my partner. HOW it was developed is beyond me, but it DID and I accepted that this was someone I could feel comfortable sharing my life with.
  • Trust is something that takes a long time to build, but can be bronken in a second. It is earned by you and your spouse treating each other with respect, being there for each outher over time. Doing your very best not to hurt the other, and thinking of the other person before yourself (at least some of the times)
  • I have learned NEVER SAY NEVER...I thought my partner of 10 yrs and 2 children later would never be unfaithfull to me but yes he did....I have no answer to that question how do you learn to trust again as you feel like your heart has been ripped out and to think trusting them again yu couldn't go through another my motto at the moment is just go with it and what comes will come ask your innerself for the answer and you will eventually get it.
  • You will never trust again, and if you do it will be to a limmit. From my experiance, it was easy to say I forgive you, because you love the person, but is hard to forget. It has now been one year and still when he touches me, I thik did he touch her the same? maybe you are different, but as for me I am the biggest GRUDGE holder. If you can put the past behind you, you will be fine if you can't then hold on to a bumpy ride.
  • you get a chastity belt for him.
  • I dont think I could ever trust him again no matter how hard I tried. There would always be some shred of doubt no matter how much therapy I went through with him.
  • Just have faith in him. Sit down and talk with him about it. Just hang in there!
  • Trust comes in time and your husband needs to understand that, but also you need to try your absolute hardest to try and trust him again if your going to make that decision to stay or else you'll be miserable.
  • O Hurt is what most of us would try to avoid- that's why many are suspicious and rather take the safer way be wary? Honestly your husband needs to earn your trust in small and big ways to make a marriage work it must take two to clap. If you see him sincerely working hard to make it work, you have to take the chance- of forgiving and trusting him. That goes with all sorts of relationships from family to company rules. Human beings are very self centred from nature -just look at the infant- instant craving, instant we grow we learn to co operate and be more considerate of others- later as we progress even higher we learn to love others as well as ourselves in a healthy way. Trust and respect need to be earned..I hope you have all the help you can get to make your marriage work better.

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