• no, it dont bother rne
    • Linda Joy
      Most places have ac now. Especially down here in the south where it can get dangerously hot and humid. Also some people struggle with the high energy bill when they turn on the ac. I'm glad you are comfortable.
  • Linda you must be in the south. Late last spring I was in the south for a few weeks and noticed multiple mentions on the news and various broadcasts of something like, "Brace yourself because the insane heat of summer is right around the corner". It was kind of intimidating and reminiscent of GOT continual remindeers that "Winter is coming", except vica versa.
    • Linda Joy
      Alabama. And we have lost people to the heat. But more likely we loose them to the tornadoes Still it makes it difficult for me to breathe the thick air. I keep my huffer handy. Winters are very mild here. If it snows at all it usually melts when it hits the pavement. There are exceptions, of course.
  • Air conditioner, or if your window won't fit one....portable air conditioner! Also lotsa fans everywhere.
  • Summer heat doesn't bother me much. When I start feeling uncomfortable, I think back on how I'd spent time a year ago sitting in my car @ -20 F until 3 am just to start it and run it to operating temperature so it wouldn't freeze up. I also think back on a trip I made to Yellowknife, NWT wearing just a T-shirt @ - 40 C/F. No sir...heat doesn't bother me that much.
  • Leaving curtains/blinds closed in the daytime & opening them when it gets dark can help reduce the heat build up. A fan helps air to circulate & cools it slightly. If you have a loft, opening the hatch at night can cool the place down. Cold drinks, drink plenty of water (keep a bottle or jug in the fridge) & wear lighter clothes.

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