• i dont have one but im not surprised people dont
  • Nope. Been there, done that. And looking at your quote, just because 69% said they'd be tempted, it doesn't necessarily mean they would.
    • Linda Joy
      I saw that just the way you did.
  • Yes until you have other facts!
  • The best way to never have to be concerned about cheating is to have an open relationship. Being open removes the fear of cheating yet builds more trust in one another. this is shown by the fact only 5% of Swingers divorce where as 35% of very divot Christians divorce. I don't have the proof of this handy but given time I can find it.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      So the best way to not worry about them cheating is the let them cheat? Not buying that. And in my case, I don't share.

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