• Better I hope. I have to remain optimistic..the alternative is just too incomprehensible.
  • from outer space, about the same
  • Cars will have more electronics, but will still have 4 wheels and internal combustion engines. More visual pollution in 1st world cities. Bigger and scarier slums in 3rd world cities. There will be a manned mission to Mars in that decade, but probably not by NASA.
  • It will have one less answerbagger around, I know that for sure. (me)
  • For my children, and my children's children sake, I can only hope that the trend we are seeing now with moral decay, and prejudice, has stopped. Hopefully we will be able to be a more peaceful world. Learning from past wars that they can only cause more grief and fighting.
  • Everyone who thinks the world will be mint, and we'll be able to get to mars are just plain stupid. Violence numbers and crime rates will rocket. Laws will no longer matter. There will be much less imports of food, oil and other necessities that we face today. Oil prices will be so expensive that noone will have cars. We will have a smidge of oil left infact. And that'll be too far down into the core to even get to. People will have to start growing their own food to survive. There will be no chemically made foods, no big chains of supermarkets at everyones want... everything will be different. People have got to start acting NOW if they want to save the last of the natural resources we have.
  • In addition to Anonymous' ideas, which are certainly possible, I believe that it is as likely or even more likely that the rapture will happen, and that tribulation will kick in before the 50 years are up. There are those that believe that america will become Great Babylon, the one that is prophesied of in Revelation, and the same one that is doomed to destruction. I am His, and I don't want anyone to live during those TUMULTUOUS years, regardless of how much I may not like them as people, for everyone has a soul, and no soul should have to endure such times and such a judgement which is sure to follow.
  • Not much different. We will have a bit better technology, but nothing that much different.
  • The differences between the "haves" and the "have-nots" will be much greater. There will be great risk of popular uprisings in 3rd world countries and even in advanced countries with a small middle class such as India. The middle class in America will be poorer, almost an upper lower class.
  • I'm glad you asked!! Because in half that time, there is going to be enormous upheaval such as Man has never seen! The Saviour will return, all the land shall be rejoined as one, and there will be no political countries. "Men shall beat their swords into pruning hooks and shall not learn war any more". But until that day comes, there shall be turmoil increasing such as men have never before seen or dreamed! Within 30 years, it will be glorious and peaceful beyond measure. You'll be able to walk, talk and eat with the animals.
  • To coin a phrase: "Same shit, different day". Yeah, there will be some better gadgets but I'll be in my 70's so I won't have a f-ing clue what they do. There will be no good music anymore, the kids will just be listening to noise and blah blah blah. Basically the world in 50 years time will feel like today's world does to a person in their late 70's now.
  • A million different outcomes for a million different events, from the smallest to the large. Who, 50 years ago could imagine how our world is now. Same as today, thinking about our world to be in 50 years from now. Back in the late 1950s, some dreamed of space flight, mars bases and moon colonies, houses that did the job for you and a bright and happy future for all. Others saw the potential for another outcome, where nuclear war was the way wars were to be fought, of people living in underground city mazes and of entire continents purged or conquered by superpowerful nations at the press of a button. Today we see much the same in our own future. Just depends on the decisions of many and the powerful few as to which direction we will take.
  • Like it is now.
  • Pretty much like today... just 50 years older.
  • One thing I see the start of in recent time; is that traditional religion is being left behind, and the gap is often finding satisfaction in virtual reality games. So devices to be worn over the eyes, and high speed network connections (maybe implanted chips) will become common.
  • If I said I would be wrongly called a conspiracy theorist. so I will just leave it there because no one cares to know the researched truth.

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