• My understanding is that they are much less vulnerable..mostly due to the fact that the hackers target the most used system which is not Mac. But I am not really a computer whiz..I think that others can probably give you better info.
  • Right now, you have a 0-1% of chance of getting a virus, spyware, or malware. This is for several reasons: A. The way the system is designed. It's got a Unix sub-system, which makes it far more secure than a DOS sub-system, if only for the fact that Unix is really particular in it's programming and implementation. B. Mac's are still an obscurity in the marketplace. Their share may have increase over the past couple years, but they still only constitute 10% of the entire computer market. What good hacker/cracker/virus creator is really going to attack 10% of the market when it could attack 90% and get a much bigger, easier payoff? C. Mac's don't allow just any program to install things onto the system. You go through multiple levels of security, the way drivers are handled is different, and the way the system is structured is more complex (yet simple at the same time).
  • I think Mac's are still vulnerable, just compared to PC's, its harder to get the virus' to work, and the amount of those affected is relatively small, since PC's have a huge majority of the market. I mean, the whole point virus coders make virus' is to see how many people they can screw over. So the obvious market is the PC market.
  • I believe they are not as vulnerable as PC's
  • well they soon will be just as open to attacks because they are starting to run 'windows' ans we all know what that means a shit fight :)
  • Hard to say... No one really 'makes' viruses and malware for Apple computers as much as they do for PC's, so it's very easy to build defences for the Apple (they only need to be basic). I'd guess that they are probably just as vulnerable as PC's, but yeah...

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