• I think, for the people who criticize, it is a way for them to subconsciously recognize the behaviors they are guilty of themselves and hoping others do not adopt these same weaknesses. Personally the hardest thing to do is to introspectively deal with my own weaknesses and change them consciously; I think people know me better than I know myself! So in this way while these people don't recognize that these are weaknesses they suffer from themselves, it is a way of demonstrating how much they care about others than they do about themselves. Some people, parents for instance, put improvement of others ahead of themselves because they care about the welfare of others and how they turn out instead of improving themselves.
  • Its obvious that these people are trying to place their own shortcomings on someone else. this takes the guilt off themselves and places it on someone else. my daughter is a master at reverse psychology. she can make you believe that you are guilty for her faults. being critical of others, works only a short period. people are intelligent and soon realize that critical people are not without guilt, within themselves. critical people do not have many friends.
  • I think people actually recognize the faults of others that they themselves have more than they may recognize other faults. The things they are criticizing are probably what they hate most in themselves. But also, sometimes people just are not aware of their own faults and that can make them hypocritical, which, of course, can be frustrating.
  • i've just had a lightbulb moment, and thought i'd share. i'm very critical w/ ppl i'm close to. i know i have alot of the same things i'm criticizing, if not all of them. but i'm trying real hard to improve myself and be a better person, to the point that i'm very very hard on myself and critical of myself. to the point that i hate those aspects of myself, and when i see it in others, i hate it too. however, being a nice guy i don't point it out. except w/ ppl i'm close to, i'm comfortable being critical (i've just realized this). now, the part i think might be helpful. i looked up this questions because i wanted to find 1) why am i critical, and 2) how do i stop being critical. i think the why part is sort of answered above. now for the how. first, you have to identify that you do it. then, it sounds simple, but you have to realize when you do it. i'm a very self-consious person, and i realize when i'm doing it. now, when i think about criticizing, i think i'll fill my brain w/: understanding. i think ppl often confuse criticism w/ advice, if you think about it they're very similiar. i've decided to offer criticism/advice only when it's asked for. i like to look up words to know the exact definition of it, here's criticize according to merriam-webster: 1) to consider the merits and demerits of and judge accordingly: evaluate. 2) to find fault with: point out the faults of
  • People who come from "lack" see and judge faults in others...Truth is, ALL people are "less than" at some time or another. I believe our salvation quite literally comes from the following: Treat others as you would like to be treated. I try to keep it in the forefront of my brain....doesn't always work, but it's a nice goal.
  • I have been around many people who have had critical personalities, the fact that I was in a relationship for 3 years with a man who was a bully and used to critize and "put me down", gives me a lot of knowledge into it! I feel that people who are over-critical about others and like to label them and fit them into their own pre-conceived boxes are insecure people themselves and maybe feel threatened in some way. I always try to treat people the same, we are all different and we all have our own stengths and weaknesses. Samantha
  • Attack is the best form of defence - remember, every time somebody points their finger at anyone else, theres four fingers pointing back at them!
  • A person's words are a reflection of himself. When someone is critizing you they are holding a mirror up to their own face.
  • My SIL is the type of person who loves to criticise others, talks to MIL for back-up and then goes and does the same thing she criticises others for. I feel that she criticises others because she has a low self esteem. The only way for her to "feel good" about herself is to believe that other people are wrong.
  • Some kinda projection effect. It's very easy to get the heat of yourself by projecting it on someone else and getting the attention over there, whether that person is eligible for such accusations or not, and whether or not people recognize this in your or no. Even if you're the only one who sees this, knowing it is bad enough, making it, I would think, a rather biological process. :/ I think it's pretty normal behaviour, one that could easier be understood and even accepted if there was some kinda revelation that could come to others besides the ulterior ones which perpetuate the accusations themselves...though that would most likely illicit more of the same, and maybe it already does. :/
  • because when you find a fault in someone else it is like are a reflection in yourself you are only finding that fauly bec u have it in yourself yes that is a general statment.. whenever i notice something bad about someone that meen i too have that bad quality?? no if u reelize it bec u want to help that eprson and want to correct this negative trait then u dont have it. but if u see the fault and u bring it up over and over and tell others and make fun then this negative quality is foound inside u and u must correct uresself
  • I think that's just what people do...everyone's guilty of it at some point
  • Denial and projection come to mind.
  • Makes them feel better about themselves. Like they have the moral high ground, even though they're just as bad.
  • I agree with above. I think people critize others because of low self-esteem, because they do demonstrate a mirror image of their behaviour and because for a short period of time they do feel better being on that 'moral high ground" the only problem is, it really doesn't get you anywhere... I have come to critize others unfortunately but I also catch myself when I do what I just critized someone else for doing.. that in itself is starting to keep me in check... self awareness is key... it boggles me how many people I have had in my life who point out my faults but never talk of their own... at least I am that aware of myself now... I think it is a step in the right direction for me...
  • Irony is lost on a majority of people.
  • probably cause they dont want to admit theyre guilty of it themselves

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