• Why are you equating people getting out of jail to people with special needs who need extra money? That is just wrong. People can't help being disabled and getting small paychecks because of it,but you can avoid committing crime. No fair. Now,fair.
  • It's called motivation. You just don't seem to be motivated enough.
    • Linda Joy
      I've seen her effort through other questions. Frankly I'm surprised she was able to work at all with her mental and physical limitations.
    • Archie Bunker
      I see a lot of excuses in her other answers and questions.
  • God is cruel.
  • You have special needs as well. You're physically and academically challenged as well. Not being able to drive severely limits you. There are also special programs for people with special needs, recovering adicts and those newly released from prison. You need to learn how to access those programs. That's why I keep telling you to make use of your social worker they know about these programs that might could have helped you.

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