• ooooh, you do?
  • Yes, but listerine near the bed solves that (although it is very unpleasent to burn the inside of you're mouth with someone next to you trying to be quiet)
  • i don't usually
  • I think everyone would...all those germs being in a closed mouth all night.
  • Yes everyone at some time will experience "morning breath." "Morning Breath"; is that horrible bad taste or smell that you wake with. You may notice it on yourself or your partner. It is also obvious after any extrended period of sleep, it doesn't have to only be in the morning. If you consume alcohol the night before and then go to sleep, you will notice a much increased morning breath problem when you wake. If you snacked during the night and did not clean their mouth afterwards, once again you will notice a worse problem when you wake. "Morning Breath" is caused by an accumulation of Volatile Sulphur compounds made by certain anaerobic bacteria whilst you slept. These VSC's are planted on the tongue surface where they can flourish in the collection of saliva and mucus.
  • No... mine is glorious. Hiya pickle.
  • I think they do.
  • 8-26-2017 Bad breath is better than no breath at all. You should see a dentist to check for tonsil stones. If that's not the problem then you should study some books about nutrition so you will know how to eat right. Bad breath is not usually caused by stinky teeth, it is caused by stinky blood. It absorbs foul gases from undigested food rotting in your gut.

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