• drink some coffee
  • Depends on its cause. If it's lack of sleep, then drink less coffee and sleep more. If it's hard work, then take a hot bath before bed. etc etc.
  • Go for a walk first thing, perhaps a mile or more.
    • Myang
      what if.. it's weariness early in the morning at work?
  • If coffee doesn't do it even a modest amount of exercise will usually get you back among the living.
  • Drink a large cup of coffee as soon as you wake up early in the morning. Surely you will feel relaxed and energized.
    • Myang
      anyway. i forgot to inform you. I get a tummy-ache whenever i drink coffee..
  • Most people use either caffeine or exercise. Exercise being the more healthy choice. I see you said coffee causes tummy upset. But there are energy drinks and caffeine pills as well. Also it might help to go to bed earlier.

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