• not for more than 1 second..and he/she can only look once.
  • Actually the vacuum of space prevents astronauts from doing that. The spacesuit is a self contained environment that allows the astronauts to survive. Taking the helmet off would immediately kill the astronaut.
  • Nope. He or she would be toast.
  • Go watch Total Recall, with Arnold Schwarzenegger in his movie making prime.
  • Yes. It would be pretty dangerous - amounting to an explosive decompression - like a diver coming to the surface too quickly. The astronaut could theoretically survive if the exposure to the vacuum was limited to around twenty seconds. But your question also asks whether the astronaut could *see*. I think just about. The layer of water over the eye would simultaneously boil and freeze. You'd be looking through a layer of ice and a layer of boiling water. But you might be able to get some blurry image!
  • No, theres is no breathable atmosphere as no trees. No oxygen nothing, its just a cold rock in space.
  • I guess they could hold their breath for a few seconds. It sounds high risk.
  • Death would almost be instant. The temperature on the moon ranges from -387 degrees during the night, to 253 degrees during the day. Either one would kill you instantly, not including the pressure which would boil your veins, eyes, etc.
  • The key thing here is would he not be affected and the answer is no he can not remove his helmet even a second and not be affected. If he releases the pressure in the suit he is going to die.
  • Removal of the Helmet would trigger the OPS (oxygen purge system) to deliver at maximum rate, this may just, and I mean just, have provided enough oxygen flow over the face to prevent immediate death. However it would quickly run out and would make it very very hard to get the helmet back on. I personally wouldn't try it :o)
  • I think if you took off your helmet, it would not be long before you understood the gravity of the situation.
  • no but it would be very cool if you could do on the moon what you can do here on earth. i would like the science channel to show on tv that nasa has sent a monkey to the moon and have his helmet removed so that we could see what it would do. that would be something neat to see and good information on if we could take a helmet off in space and live or not
  • That would not be wise.
  • Instant physical death...Spirtitually, who may be worth it!
  • No. His blood would boil in the sudden decompression.
  • It didn't help you any, so the answer is no.
  • Bad Plan... :-p

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