• i wouldve gone home if someone was being rude to me
  • Rude like many negative notions is complicated as it depends on many things. What you think is rude, I might not. Are they actually being rude or are you being over-sensitive? Does it matter what they are saying, or will it actually harm you? Who are these people etc etc, do they mean anything to you? See what I mean. I use a simple idea, if it is important do something about it, or play the game back, forget it, or leave. Rude has no power, it's just words.
  • Be like a mirror. A mirror doesn't give a crap whether you smile or make a just reflects back what you put out. That said, be damn sure you can back it up! If not, treat them like a cat that bites too hard....terminate the play session.
  • Rude people tend to get angry or upset about something that they're going through. Don't take rudeness personally.
  • I feel like your story was cut off. But anyway, in that situation, just walk away. No sense escalating stupid crap at a party. People like that probably just want to see if they can get under your skin, so they lose when you ignore them and walk away. Just my two cents.

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