• 1. I'm not sure we are on the same page with your premise. 2. People do fight evil every day. If you want to join in the fight, there are numerous ways to do so. If you wish to do so by spreading a message, maybe work on developing your communication skills so that your message comes across more clearly, by developing your vocabulary and grammar. But there are plenty of other ways to combat evil that don't require those skills. It depends on what skills you would like to develop.
  • First of all prove your statement. Secondly what are YOU doing about it? Its not o.k. to chastise others for sitting on their hands if you are too! Thirdly, how do you propose to harness nature? Are you going to drill exhaust holes along fault lines so tactonic plates don't rupture and shift? Build a nuclear strength biodome? Send out ELF waves to control the weather? Or do you suggest trying to control the behavior of others as was Satan's plan? Frankly, I think God knows how to handle the situation better than you do! Who are you to second guess HIS plan for discipline? Or had you even thought of of it that way? Did you think about the fact that natural disasters cause people to turn to God both in prayer for relief of their own grief and for help for others so affected? Did you think about the fact that natural disasters cause people to help others unselfishly? Did you think about the fact that people puffed up in the pride of their possessions are humbled when they loose everything they THOUGHT was a product of their own ingenuity and planning and realize God is the reason they ever had anything to begin with (including their very life) and He can take it away in a heartbeat if you get puffed up in your own strength and knowlege?
  • cause sorne people are evil and sinful

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