• depends on the person, everyone is different
  • I think its the opposite. You can't hardly diagnose a problem nowadays without a machine. All the emissions control and safety precautions and computer brains in the newer models almost makes backyard mechanics impossible. Besides that I think the younger folks are less interested in working on cars than used to be the case.
  • Its too hard to maintaine a light truck in the driveway. With the amount of and price of diagnostic eqipment required to do the job then the tools. Less people would be fixing their own car. My dad maintained all of our familys vehicals when I was a boy, I tried being a mechanic for a few years here and there it doesn't pay enough money compaird to electrican which I find strange in a way as a mechanic has to be just as thorough if not more so than a sparky as buildings don't move and a mechanic has to work on more vehicals everyday. I can't be bothered working on modern cars and trucks they are too frustraighting to work on at home with out a full workshop maybe Im too old to lay on the floor under the car anymore. 30 years ago Id lay in the driveway welding the exhaust on a lowered car I had once a month at least. Since efi and electronic ignition has been around most cars only need an oil change for the first 150K km's by the time I get rid of the used oil I save no money doing it myself when i think I could be working getting paid Im losing money working on the car.

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