• Hpv causes cancer and its a STD, so should the government ban sex? Whatever happened to the day when people educated themselves and made their own decisions? Someone told my ex he'd live ten years longer if he quit smoking. He told them those are the years I'd spend drooling down my shirt anyway! 15-20 teens are killed every day in car accidents. Should teens not be allowed to drive?
  • cause they dont care it causes cancer, ive never srnoked rnyself and i know i could get cancer anyways but at least i know it wont be rny fault if i do
  • I am NOT pro tobacco but tobacco use increases the risk of getting cancer, it doesn't necessarily cause it. Salt us increases the risk of high blood pressure. Eating bacon and red meat increases the risk of heart desease. Eating non-organic fruits and vegatables increases the risk of cancer from long term ingestion of trace amounts of insecticide and fertilizers. Eating milk, butter and many dairy products increases the risk of heart desease. The list goes on "forever". Should all these things be banned by the government? I think people need to make those choices, not the government.
  • Our town government has banned tobacco use in public, including cigarettes, so, there you go. There's a lot of information to cover within this topic, but I think it can be summed up many different ways. The conclusion that tobacco use => cancer is somewhere in between correct and incorrect. Tobacco is a crop that is sprayed with a lot of pesticides and herbicides, including, in some cases, dioxin, which can greatly increase the risk of cancer to those who are regularly exposed to it. The link between tobacco itself and cancer is possible, but not as proven as most people think; however, the link between things like polonium, phosphine, dioxin, etc. and cancer are well-established, and those sorts of chemicals are used in ~90% of tobacco production. So, with that knowledge on hand, plus the knowledge that nicotine in tobacco is chemically habit-forming, you might be able to figure out what is happening with the situation with a moment's thought.
  • No, the chemicals added to the tobacco is what causes cancer. Why are the chemicals allowed? Let people make up their own minds whether they want to keep smoking or not, not the chemicals.
  • As much as the sun causes skin cancer. Let's ban the sun.
    • Wakko
      ....or make it law that we have to wear full body covering. That sounds familiar. :P

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